Author: Joy Notoma

Paradiso: Chapter 1

Pairing the escape room genre with immersive theater seems like a no-brainer for an adventurous theatrical experience and creating adventurous experiences is what Michael Counts, creator of Paradiso: Chapter 1, does.

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Watch Me Burn

… portrays relationships that aren’t usually at the center of plays or movies— most notably an interracial lesbian couple and adoptive siblings, but also a host of other interconnected people whose nuanced relationships are frequently left out of the mainstream.

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Are We Human

In this off kilter comedy, a part of the Ice Factory Festival, humans have cruelly subjugated android robots for their labor and therefore, undermined the value of human emotion. Androids slave away making products and serving humans who have absolute control over them. In order to keep the wheels of the cruel system turning, humans must repress emotions like love and ignore a sense of justice.

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Harry and The Thief

An action comedy that uses history to discuss contemporary race issues may sound far fetched, but “Harry and The Thief” was more than worthy of the re-imagining

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