After Score 80%


A debate over high school bullying takes a brutal leap that not only wrecks the lives of all involved, but essentially damns the act of parenting all together.

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The Mar Vista Score 58%

The Mar Vista

The press release bills “The Mar Vista” as a romantic and comical piece about a Russian-Jewish woman with a colorful and mysterious past, her war-time adventures, and the unbreakable bonds between a gay American son and his immigrant parents.  Quite a set up for a piece that is all incident and no insight. “The Mar Vista’s” saving grace is its visual appeal. 

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Hatef**k grapples with the gnarly issues of identity and art – subjective, objective, or defective. It’s a bit clunky, but what the play lacks in nuance it makes up for in f**cking.

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THE MOTHER Score 90%


THE MOTHER is an odyssey through the brain of a Mother whose children have all moved on. Being all alone causes the fear and anxiety of an empty nest to unnerve the Mother. This piece will leave you to piece together its reality with more questions than answers. It will also make you want to call your mother.

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