Belfast Girls Score 85%

Belfast Girls

What courage these girls must have had, casting off the old country to land in a wild, unknown place from which there would be no return.  And yet through the crucible of this extraordinary journey they were inevitably transformed.  Close quarters, wild seas and boredom bring out the worst in some and the best in others. 

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The Orchestra Now at Symphony Space Score 95%

The Orchestra Now at Symphony Space

Conductor Zachary Schwartzman guides the orchestra with dramatic precision to ultimately express a kaleidoscope of coruscating musical colors. He delivers cues, tempo changes, metrical nuances, and expression with aplomb.

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Alexa Tarantino Quartet at Birdland Score 96%

Alexa Tarantino Quartet at Birdland

The Alexa Tarantino Quartet made the scene at the Birdland Jazz club. Alto saxophonist Tarantino brings the Bird back to Birdland with her smooth, mellow sound. She’s cool, relaxed, and versatile as she solos and trades with the best of them, allowing everyone to speak their own musical voices to songs in a great groove. She draws us into her world of energy, excitement, and romance. Her sound is soulful, rich, and as subtle and formidable as she commands.

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