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Molly Sweeney Score 82%

Molly Sweeney

Sarah Street brings a quiet dignity to the complicated role of Molly, a character who is strongly independent even as she succumbs to the will of others and marries “for no very good reason at all.”

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The Fires Score 95%

The Fires

The Fires is a fascinating new play by Raja Feather Kelly, In a railroad apartment in Brooklyn, characters in three distinct time periods cross paths in precise yet organic choreography on the same narrow set, oblivious to each other’s existence – sometimes with mere inches to spare.  The play is kind of surrealist drama/dream ballet that is both otherworldly and very much of this Earth.  The delicate veils separating the fields of play, as it were, could so easily fray at any moment, and yet they do not. Our willingness to suspend belief, and the actors’ powerful focus hold the fabric together. This is the shared joy of theater.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Score 95%

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder

Montague Navarro’s life prospects change overnight when he learns he’s eighth in line to be the next Earl in the fabulously wealthy D’Ysquith family. But what would it take to move up in that queue of odious cousins? A little murder, a little mayhem, and a lot of comedy in this Tony-award winning musical.

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