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Princess Zhaojun Score 90%

Princess Zhaojun

The dancer portraying Princess Zhaojun is powerful and striking in her movements and captivating in her personality as she carries her role with a graceful gravity.

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Kiss Me Kate Score 85%

Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate is a musical that carries its own weight.  It is a fully formed old fashioned extravaganza of a musical that sweeps you up into its arms and carries you off.  Especially when the cast is lead by the gracious and skilled Kelli O’Hara.  She opens her mouth and you swear you can hear the angels singing – or maybe it is the sound of stars twinkling.  Whatever, it is pretty damn glorious.  Will Chase comes from behind and catches up to her at the finish line for a surprising and perfect conclusion.

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This is an emotional minefield that forces an insightful confrontation with all the racial subtexts we pretend to have in hand. There’s laughter and passion and some pretty serious eye-opening.

Exceptional talent – Suzan-Lori Parks wrote it, and Oskar Eustis directs, and Daveed Diggs headlines — combine for a near perfect production at the Public.
If you can get a ticket get one…get ten…you’ll be a hero to your friends.

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I Married An Angel Score 92%

I Married An Angel

In I Married an Angel, throughout a string of delicious Rodgers and Hart melodies, classic musical theater comedy riffs, two ballets and a tap number, Angel Sara Mearns stays true to her code –  “Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth”  Well … the truth may set you free but it can also get you into a lot of trouble! 

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