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Fucking A Score 85%

Fucking A

Fucking A feels more like a Brechtian drama than a riff on an iconic piece of 19th Century Romantic Literature, Hawthorne’s “The Scarlett Letter.” The only thing they have in common is a woman named Hester with an A on her chest. Despite the use of Brechtian devices, Ms. Parks’ voice is all her own here.  And a grim one it is.  Although there are some wonderful, much needed comic moments - like Butcher’s (Raphael Nash Thompson) monologue cataloguing the impossibly lengthy, silly transgressions of his daughter – Fucking A is not for the faint-hearted.  Although the mind-numbingly cruel and heartless society drawn here might have seemed exaggerated in 2000 when Ms. Parks wrote the play, unfortunately it doesn’t feel that far away now.  You don’t have to go as far as Myanmar and the situation with the Rohingya, just google Charlottesville, Virginia.


Split Britches “Last Gasp WFH” Streaming through December 5th Score 90%

Split Britches “Last Gasp WFH” Streaming through December 5th

At the very top of this piece, Lois Weaver recalls an interview with Ta Nehisi Coates.  In responding to a question from the audience he says "Just because you spend time thinking about a thing - doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable in all things." And that, my friends pretty much sums up Last Gasp WFH (Working From Home).

Sets and Costumes: Theater Magic Score 99%

Sets and Costumes: Theater Magic

The set and costume choices used in theater can seem more obvious than other aspects of a production, if only because they are things we evaluate all the time. What people are wearing; their rooms. We may bite our tongues, but we notice.

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