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A Christmas Carol

In this Christmas tale, Scrooge stand at the very center of lights, sound and action.  It is theatrical magic, and Mays never lets us down for a minute.  He is astonishing in his precision and immersion in the moment.  

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The Rat Trap Score 85%

The Rat Trap

Wedded bliss. Marital splendor. Joyful union. Matrimony hath many the happy descriptor. But, in 1918, for a budding 18-year-old playwright named Noël Coward, marriage was The Rat Trap. 

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The Patient Gloria Score 90%

The Patient Gloria

In her delightfully irreverent play The Patient Gloria, Gina Moxley takes aim at entrenched sexism, joyously dissecting patriarchy with in-your-face abandon.  Brilliant, funny and subversive, The Patient Gloria is an edgy satire of power with a dash of punk rock thrown in.

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Duke Ellington Sacred Concerts Score 94%

Duke Ellington Sacred Concerts

For the first time in 35 years, Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts returned to the stage. Envisioned initially by Ellington as a “Festival of Grace,” provenance for Sacred Concerts is informed by a broad spectrum of jazz, classical and choral music, spirituals, dance, gospel, and blues. Ellington’s compositional product in this venue consisted of a triptych of 34 songs originally recorded in 1965, 1968, and 1973 respectively. It can be argued that an august Ellington facing his mortality considered his Sacred Concerts among his most significant works.

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Wendy Moten at Birdland Score 96%

Wendy Moten at Birdland

Wendy Moten ascended to the Birdland stage with a smile and charm that lit up the room. From her first words and the comfortable swing tempo of her first song, All of Me, Moten emerged as a poised, expressive, and consummate artist. She conveyed her passionate insights with a beautiful, clear voice and through her ability to command any genre she desired.

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