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Dracula Score 98%


CSC’s Production of Dracula is a “must-see” production of 2020. It is a classic not so much reimagined as reconsidered for the  #MeToo Movement and it is hilarious.

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Frankenstein Score 85%


Though this production will not give you the complete full story from the book, this version will give you an in-depth journey into life itself and the needs that we possess that drive and torture us all.

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Seesaw Score 87%


Written in 1973, the musical Seesaw takes us back to a moment of great uncertainty in New York CIty’s history. The musical tells a love story of contrasts – country boy and city girl, and, in retrospect, the dichotomy between a time of innocence and a city in dire need. For the artists, dancers and singers who gathered here, it may have been a dear old, dirty town, but it was their dear old, dirty town.

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Misdemeanor Dream by Spiderwoman Theater – BLOG POST Score 40%

Misdemeanor Dream by Spiderwoman Theater – BLOG POST

Founded in 1976 (yes you read that right, 1976), Spiderwoman Theater is the world’s longest-running Native American women’s theater company.  The name comes from the weaver in the Hopi creation story, they seek to blend traditional Native American art forms with western theater constructs. 

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