The Cookers Score 98%

The Cookers

The Cookers are a Jazz Supergroup, who teach the Master’s Master Class, who are so finely in tune with themselves and each other that they don’t play the music, but instead they are playing with the music and audibly dancing with each other.

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Jelly’s Last Jam

I don’t know what you have planned for this weekend, but if you have not seen this gorgeous Encores! production of “Jelly’s Last Jam” at City Center – I suggest you rethink whatever you have going for you and GET THERE!

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Sunset Baby Score 88%

Sunset Baby

Sunset Baby, written by Dominique Morisseau, is about the generational trauma, love, and fear that is passed from parents to children. We think about how children are handed wounds that they do not know how to heal; and how, as adults, we continue to push them away until they consume us. “What we do with our power is our revolution.”

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The Ally Score 95%

The Ally

 The story takes place in September and early October of 2023 on an unidentified college campus.  “Early October” being the operative phrase here, because it takes place before October 7.  The reason this factoid is critical is because this play examines in minute detail the relationship of Israel to Gaza.

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The Hunt Score 94%

The Hunt

The Hunt presents a tight-knit town, where word travels fast, and brotherhood is ever present. A group of men with guns, beer, and children: Their lives revolve around these these, hyper-focused on hunting not just wildlife, but those that they believe will bring trouble to their home. We watch a clash of comradery and guns as they merge with accusations and betrayals. Lucas, an elementary school teacher, once a friend and a hunting partner, becomes foe–as if he is a doe they had all once hunted together.

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Seven Year Disappear Score 75%

Seven Year Disappear

Miriam (Cynthia Nixon) and her son Naphtali (Taylor Trensch) have what could be referred to as a strained relationship.  Strained to the point of busting wide open except for the fact that the two are wearing emotional corsets pulled so tight that even the laces refuse to budge – until they do.

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A Sign of the Times Score 98%

A Sign of the Times

A Sign of the Times is fun, vibrant, relevant, and relatable. The costuming is bright, the vocals are powerful, the choreography is explosive, the writing seamlessly weaves songs of the 60’s with story and emotion, and women command the stage! It’s the mid-sixties. Men are “masculine” and women are housewives. Small-towner, Cindy, goes on a journey that so many women are still aspiring to take today: to take on the big city to be an artist and pursue passion. This larger story of civil rights, resistance, work equality, during the Vietnam War, leaves equal space for individual stories and feats.

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