Novenas Of A Lost Hospital Score 98%

Novenas Of A Lost Hospital

St. Vincent’s, in Ms. Cram’s breathtaking new play, is the protagonist. The hospital, a hero to all who built her and worked in her, and died of the plagues that cost this city so many, cholera over 5,000, AIDS over 100,000.

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All the Rage Score 98%

All the Rage

Martin explores a seeming lack of rage within himself, drawing life connections and pinning them as evidence on a flip chalkboard much like a detective outlines clues and suspects on a whiteboard in order to see the big picture that will lead to a conviction and a hanging.

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Derren Brown: Secret Score 97%

Derren Brown: Secret

… it’s possible you and your date will be picking your chins up off the floor when you see what Brown shows you behind that veil. Hint: Not a wizard. I’m not saying genuine jaw drops happened to my companion and me, but I might be winking at you.

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L.O.V.E.R. Score 90%


In 75 minutes you will feel a kinship to the character of The Woman again and again. Realizing you are not alone in your mistakes, fumbles, and desire for love and understanding.

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American Moor Score 92%

American Moor

William Shakespeare’s Othello, the brilliant, powerful, flawed character whose insecurity proves his downfall is nothing more nor less than a man. Like any human he is the product of nature and nurture, and when interpreted his character is informed by the life experience of the actor portraying him. The question is, why has historically a white nature and nurture been privileged over any other? Does that not seem to fly in the face of, well, nature?

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