Sea Wall/A Life Score 90%

Sea Wall/A Life

Theater is a collaborative art. Unlike writing or painting, you can’t do it alone.  The reason why “Sea Wall/A Life” moved from The Public Theater Off Broadway to The Hudson Theater on Broadway recently is that Tom Sturridge and Jake Gyllenhaal discovered something they hadn’t realized while performing at The Public.  This production of “Sea Wall/A Life” turns out to be a collaboration between the performers and the audience.  Sensitive direction by Carrie Cracknell has obliterated the fourth wall and created a space where memories can be shared with safety and acceptance. 

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Rinse, Repeat Score 75%

Rinse, Repeat

The topic here is one no one wants to talk about because it is elusive: eating disorders. In this case it is anorexia.  Domenica Feraud takes the topic in hand and eventually sweeps us into the confusion and bewilderment that traps people afflicted with this disorder.  That she takes so long to let the pendulum swing full circle causes this piece to miss the goal by centimeters.

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Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy Score 45%

Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy

Sea Level Rise attempts to bring the subject of climate change to a wider audience in a clunky, poorly written comedy which unwittingly reaches the height of absurdity in this incomprehensible production. A true Theatre of the Absurd treatment would actually be perfect for this subject. Maybe someone will write it.

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LOVE, NOЁL The Songs and Letters of Noёl Coward Score 85%

LOVE, NOЁL The Songs and Letters of Noёl Coward

The prolific dandy Noёl Coward was dubbed The Master, though as Coward himself says, he was more a “jack of all trades than a master of one.” We enter the intimate space of the W. Scott McLucas Studio at the Irish Repertory Theatre to James Morgan’s elegant royal blue stage design and, LOVE, NOЁL The Songs and Letters of Noёl Coward, has begun. The focal point of the salon like set is a bust of this modern man, from a different century, holding court upstage as expressionless as he was in real life.

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