MasterVoices Presents a Concert of Jewish Sacred Music at Central Synagogue Score 95%

MasterVoices Presents a Concert of Jewish Sacred Music at Central Synagogue

Tonight’s O How Good was a celebration of the life of MasterVoices board member Lois Conway and the years of philanthropy and insightful leadership characterizing her service. The venue chosen for this event was inspiring and magnificent and set in New York City’s Central Synagogue, a stunning example of Moorish Revival architecture and a testament to the beauty and richness of Jewish tradition and culture.

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Yes, I Can Say That! Score 87%

Yes, I Can Say That!

In her one woman show Yes, I Can Say That!, Judy Gold shoots from the hip, right across our collective bow, in an impassioned wake-up call to remind us what ‘free speech’ means. And of how crucial comedy is to such freedom. She’s loud; she’s out there, and she’s right.

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The Seagull/Woodstock, NY Score 60%

The Seagull/Woodstock, NY

It’s not that I feel precious about original scripts.  I recently saw “A Doll’s House” and thought Amy Herzog did a masterful job of doing just enough to mold the script into a new incarnation.  Here, Mr. Bradshaw goes so far afield that any connection to the original “The Sea Gull” is nearly obliterated.  

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Drinking In America Score 95%

Drinking In America

The human elements of alcoholism and its control of life can be harsh, and many of us have experienced interactions with those who abuse. Man breaks into an angry rant about society in America, and most of the performance is filled with raw emotions that only a distinguished actor like Royo can portray.

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Crumbs From the Table of Joy Score 85%

Crumbs From the Table of Joy

Crumbs is a family memory play, not a memoir play, but could also be called a riff play. It takes place in Brooklyn in the 1950s narrated by the oldest daughter Ernestine (Shanel Bailey splendidly carrying the production on her young shoulders). She is smitten with the movies and in her telling conjures up several movie-worthy scenes of past events that are only her wishes and not anything that actually happened.

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