Good Jew Score 90%

Good Jew

“It wasn’t a good Jew that survived the war.”
It’s 1986 and we’re in the den of Holocaust survivor, Henryk Altman. In a roomy leather chair, Henryk (Frank Blocker) speaks to us: a stream of surfaced responses from several interviews. From the Warsaw ghetto, Henryk escaped the Treblinka death camp twice, lost most of his family during WWII, and navigated his way through various camps and brushes with death by looking white, speaking German, and pure luck.

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The Welkin

… the entire cast is all most always onstage and each is alive with their own lives and emotions.  This is no group of shrinking violets.  These are our ancestors on whom our survival depends.  They know their responsibilities will outlive them and welcome the challenge. Splendid in every way!

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Simpatico Score 60%


Throughout Sam Shepard’s Simpatico, there’s a fascinating sense of all is not well and it’s right there for the actors to grab onto and play with. Indeed, sometimes they do—which is when the play shines—but too often they don’t.

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