Enter Laughing Score 80%

Enter Laughing

The play original billed in 1930 as the antidote for today’s depression can easily be said to do the same in today’s polarized political atmosphere. Laughter is always a good remedy for both sides of the aisle. Stuart Ross has dusted off this play and has made it relevant. Follow David Kolowitz as he navigates his overbearing family, boss, girls in his life to do as his mother says – what he loves.

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Proof of Love Score 50%

Proof of Love

In Proof Of Love, Constance Daley (Brenda Pressley) is “as close as you can get to a WASP while being black.” She is immaculate in her presentation and in her well-ordered life.  The fact that she is nearly estranged from her daughter is a deep wound that she treats as a mere annoyance.  She knows better in all manner of ways – the correct way to speak, the correct way to carry herself.  Until her husband winds up in a car accident and she discovered that she doesn’t know anything about anything.

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AVENUE Q – winner of three 2004 Tony Awards including Best Musical – will close May 26 Off-Broadway at New World Stages (340 W. 50 Street). The musical which has been a part of the New York theatrical landscape for 15+ years, both on Broadway and Off Broadway is produced by Kevin McCollum, Robyn Goodman, Jeffrey Seller, Vineyard Theatre and The New Group, will have played a total of 6569 performances upon closing:  from its first Broadway preview on July 14, 2003 to its final performance May 26, 2019.  

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GARY – A Sequel to Titus Andronicus Score 70%

GARY – A Sequel to Titus Andronicus

I saw this show days ago. I am still in stun mode.  I rarely cannot find a place to start, but this production is so slippery that it keeps wiggling out of my hands.  It doesn’t get far, of course, because like so many of the victims that are piled high on the stage, it is missing ambulatory appendages that will take it anywhere.

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Skylight Score 95%


When it premiered in 1995, Skylight was a timely exploration of a clash of values between wealthy restaurateur Tom Sergeant (in this production, played by Greg Wood) and his former lover, now a teacher in a bottom-of-the-barrel school, Kyra (Mahira Kakkar). Now in 2019, gulfs between people in terms of income, attitudes, and basic values appear even more unbridgeable. Can anyone still believe love conquers all?

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