Erich Bergen At Cafe Carlyle Score 97%

Erich Bergen At Cafe Carlyle

JUST ONE MORE NIGHT! It is such a pleasure to experience a cabaret performer who offers up first-time banter, warm confidence, a voice with genuine range and a willingness to take the ultimate risk – requests from the audience – because you are his instant true friend, even if only for the night.  Erich Bergen is having a great time at The Cafe Carlyle and you should join the party.  It is so good to be back after Covid shut down the cafe; the servers smile and look you right in the eye as they pull out your chair and invite you to have a cocktail. 

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New Voices from the 1930’s Score 92%

New Voices from the 1930’s

The Orchestra Now (TŌN), Bard’s Orchestral Masters, founded in 2015 by Leon Botstein, President of Bard College and the orchestra’s conductor, is carving a niche for itself with both the silken quality of its sound and its educational outreach. In “New Voices from the 1930’s” at Carnegie Hall they played with elegance and fire as they brought four amazing, less well known composers from the 1930s to a new audience

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The Vagrant Trilogy Score 95%

The Vagrant Trilogy

“The Vagrant Trilogy” is a remarkable piece.  Mansour’s specificity in creating these characters invites us to enter their worlds and their hearts.  You do not need to be a Wordsworth scholar familiar with “Tintern Abbey” in order to cross this threshold.

PS – don’t worry about the length.  Even at 3.5 hours that made my butt sore – the story made my heart soar.

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