Goodnight Nobody Score 90%

Goodnight Nobody

McCarter Theatre Center, Princeton, N.J., presents a stunning new play by Rachel Bonds, directed by Tyne Rafaeli, that opened January 18 and runs through February 9. The play’s five characters have fifteen relationships among them, relationships with the power to sneak up on you and knock you out of your seat.

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Feos Score 97%


Puppeteers create life with inanimate objects, anthropomorphizing to give the illusion that there is existence.  Chilean theater troupe Teatro y Su Doble, utilizing multimedia storytelling, borrowing techniques from Bunraku-style puppetry and animation, create lives lived. 

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Mac Beth Score 97%

Mac Beth

Once upon a time, three girls went into the forest but only two came out. In Erica Schmidt’s brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth you will discover how that could be.

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Cicada Song Score 98%

Cicada Song

I say get some friends or family, or both, sit down together and dim the lights, make the popcorn, download Cicada Song on your choice of  Apple TV or Amazon and enjoy this marvelous film.

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My name is Lucy Barton Score 70%

My name is Lucy Barton

I am confounded.  I don’t know what My Name Is Lucy Barton is.  I know what it is not. It is not a play.  Which, in and of itself might not be a bad thing if a person could latch onto whatever it is and go for a ride.  I could not find a latching-on place.

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Maz and Bricks Score 70%

Maz and Bricks

I am a fan of Fishamble theatre company.  Their previous play at 59E59, Blueberry Hill, left me gobsmacked.  Maz and Bricks did not. This is a sort of romantic travelogue with a touch of politics, a touch of self-doubt, shame, and of course hope.  What it was lacking was a large dose of character and action to balance out the touches.

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salt. Score 98%


salt. is a poetic epitaph for those who have nothing concrete to grieve.  It is a hymn of anger and of healing, of loss and empathy, of hope.  I recommend that all attend, as you will find enlightenment, teachings, and possibly healings from Selina Thompson’s story.

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