Oscar Hammerstein Young Solo Contest! Score 96%

Oscar Hammerstein Young Solo Contest!

Almost everyone recognizes timeless musical vocal treasures like If I Loved You, Ol’ Man River, People Will Say We’re in Love, Some Enchanted Evening, It Might as Well Be Spring, and Climb Ev’ry Mountain. Clearly, Hammerstein’s body of work, particularly in developing romantic musical plays, is pivotal in advancing musical theater as the American art form loved and known worldwide today.

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Score 75%


There is an intimacy here as though the air were being tucked in around these four people.  Visions and ghosts come up in their conversation.  They never stray far from one another as though they are tethered by magical ropes stretching from the past into the future.  Hope and progress are measured in molecules in Corsicana.  If larger dreams were considered the entire town would come crumbling down.

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What The End Will Be Score 75%

What The End Will Be

The press for What The End Will Be by Mansa Ra now At Roundabout through June 30th, explains that this is the story of three generations of gay men living under one roof grappling each with his own truth of what it means to be gay.  Well sorta kinda.  

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Lessons In Survival 1971 Score 90%

Lessons In Survival 1971

The conversation is so elevated and so deep that you just have to give over to it, because trying to get ahead of these two is nigh on impossible.  Off hand I cannot think of a topic that is not covered, turned inside out and pushed on to the next topic.

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The ORCHARD at the Baryshnikov Arts Center Score 96%

The ORCHARD at the Baryshnikov Arts Center

While Chekov’s play holds a firm place in the literature, through the magic of technology the story can now be presented in a cutting-edge complex dreamscape of seemingly incongruent elements achievable only with the contemporary arts of live-streamed multi-media drama.

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Yes!  Reflections of Molly Bloom Score 80%

Yes! Reflections of Molly Bloom

Molly is waiting for her Leopold to come home in the wee hours of the morning and she is reviewing her regrets over journeys of love and lust in which she may have taken a wrong turn or three.  There are few clues indicating if we are listening to her thoughts or rather she has invited us in for tea and is actually speaking directly to us.  The men she led and followed were expected to give her identity, purpose and, dare she hope for it, joy. 

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Jane Anger Score 97%

Jane Anger

Jane Anger is hilariously funny. Witticisms, cleverness, plays on words, malapropisms, and sparkling non sequitur rants abound along with a dash of the spirit of Monte Python and Mel Brooks, a touch of Abbott and Costello, and the cast’s superb timing that make it work.

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