A Measure of Doubt

The log line for A Measure of Doubt says the play asks the question is a man defined by the worst thing he has ever done. My answer is yes. Especially when he has done it more than once. His abuse was premeditated and can not even be softened with the misnomer, date rape.

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A Cocktail Party Social Experiment Score 75%

A Cocktail Party Social Experiment

A parlor game with an audience. The evening is really a pitch for the yet to be produced board game of the same name. That’s fine and I can see how the board game could be fun and maybe a little scary if played at home. But to watch it played by volunteers that may not have a lot of personality or enough experience to have very much of interest to say – not very compelling. In order for the game itself to work better I think the prompts and questions have to relate more specifically to the themes picked. For the evening to work better I think the participants have to be of various ages and the cocktails more original, tastier and stronger.

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