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The Vagrant Trilogy Score 95%

The Vagrant Trilogy

“The Vagrant Trilogy” is a remarkable piece.  Mansour’s specificity in creating these characters invites us to enter their worlds and their hearts.  You do not need to be a Wordsworth scholar familiar with “Tintern Abbey” in order to cross this threshold.

PS – don’t worry about the length.  Even at 3.5 hours that made my butt sore – the story made my heart soar.

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OH GOD, A Show About Abortion Score 95%

OH GOD, A Show About Abortion

Abortion is a stupid word.  We should call it something else.  Alison Leiby knows this for two reasons.  She is one smart cookie.  And she had an abortion. And she has constructed such an intelligent, surprising, direct and unadorned story that you will want to listen.  I promise. And she will make you laugh so hard that you bark.

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