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La Viuda Score 78%

La Viuda

Historically, this is a play worth seeing in the context that it is the first of the 40 plays that María Irene Fornés wrote.

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Inspired By True Events Score 25%

Inspired By True Events

Let me say right off the bat that these actors are doing the best they can.  The text they have to work with, however, combined with an absence of directorial guidance sends them off the rails where they remain moored in a swamp of, well I don’t know what.

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The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon (Las Dedicadas Lágrimas de la Luna Menguante) Score 90%

The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon (Las Dedicadas Lágrimas de la Luna Menguante)

The Delicate Tears of the Waning Moon (Las Dedicadas Lágrimas de la Luna Menguante), inspired by true events of historical human rights violations in Venezuela is heartfelt and heart-rending. Rebeca Alemán gives an extraordinary performance as a journalist writing of the violence and brutality committed against women in her country on a daily basis. It is the kind of speech audacious in a criminal environment.  A silenced press, corruption, and a lack of enforcement of the law thereof have led to lawlessness and impunity.  Venezuelans, particularly women and indigenous peoples, have become trapped in the clutches of the corruption brought about by the immunity of those in power.  In a just world, no-one would be above the law, but we live in unjust times

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The Village!  A Disco Daydream Score 85%

The Village! A Disco Daydream

The Village! A Disco Daydream, an over-the-top, loving tribute to the village’s gay Gay past, delivers on its promise to memorialize the Village at its disco finest. You want to celebrate the Village in its hedonistic heyday?  You got it.   Revel in some hot stuff baby this evening?  Done.  Enjoy ribald jokes that don’t bow to the buzz-kill “professionally offended” attitude of today?  Sweet relief! It’s niche and raunchy, the stage traffic a little chaotic, and the comedy bits belabored, but Donna Summer is definitely smiling down this hearty band of vaudevillians.  For all of its outlandishness, The Village! A Disco Daydream has a softer side, one that reminds us that at its core, the Village was a family. A diverse, nutty, sex forward, gay, fabulous family, which held itself together through from boogie nights to calmer days. Let’s get out there and dance!

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Oh Mary! On Broadway Score 97%

Oh Mary! On Broadway

… like catching a ride on a runaway stage coach – with no less than six horses…. Escola has created a Mary who is Scarlett O’Hara on uppers.  This Mary is at the center of her own universe, and everyone else is a tiny planet orbiting round her.  

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