Author: Sarah Downs

This Beautiful Future

I am sure I am missing something, but reading the many words of praise for this play, extolling its beauty and otherworldly, paradigm shifting style, I have to wonder if I saw the same show as everyone else, or if is I who was in the alternate reality. I found the narrative inconsistent, the romance sexless and the choppiness irritating. It was a real let down. Luckily, the production design, with its gorgeous lighting and futuristic set, and a shattering performance by Francesca Carpanini, save the show from falling into total incoherence.

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Strings Attached

Two cosmologists and particle physicist get on a train…

Strings Attached explores the softer side of physics, in its various intersections of thought and emotion, science and faith, reality and fantasy, and two competing theories of the nature of matter, all in 1 hour and 45 minutes.  And it’s fun. 

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Bobby Conte at Birdland

Bobby Conte is an energy vortex, daring the audience not to be swept away by his charisma and sheer abandon. Supported by a kicking 10 piece band conducted by Pianist and Musical Director extraordinaire James Sampliner, Conte sings in a range of styles, from musical theater to pop to stomping blues/jazz, committing full-out to every moment.

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Karen Mason “30 … and Counting”

Denny and Mason are like two halves of one being. In his playing, Denny’s mastery of both driving and echoing Mason’s performance leaves her free to explore. For her part, elegant in her white silk pantsuit Mason is a walking Halston who just happens to channel music straight from the Muse.

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Karen Elson at Café Carlyle

Karen Elson is a stunner.  She has something no-one can teach nor money buy:  Charm.  Natural, relaxed, and irreverent, she projects both the confidence of an established fashion icon and the disarming humility of someone finding her way (and making a big success) in a new medium.  It is a magical combination.

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