Author: Sarah Downs

American Moor

William Shakespeare’s Othello, the brilliant, powerful, flawed character whose insecurity proves his downfall is nothing more nor less than a man. Like any human he is the product of nature and nurture, and when interpreted his character is informed by the life experience of the actor portraying him. The question is, why has historically a white nature and nurture been privileged over any other? Does that not seem to fly in the face of, well, nature?

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Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy

Sea Level Rise attempts to bring the subject of climate change to a wider audience in a clunky, poorly written comedy which unwittingly reaches the height of absurdity in this incomprehensible production. A true Theatre of the Absurd treatment would actually be perfect for this subject. Maybe someone will write it.

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Little Gem

In a series of interweaving monologues, three women representing three generations of one family let us into their lives, as they face old pain, present irony and new challenges. As is so often the case in Irish storytelling, just when you’re on the verge of tears, you find yourself laughing.

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The Way She Spoke

Be prepared to be pinned back in your seat as you experience the riveting performance of Kate del Castillo in this deeply moving, impeccably designed show. In its beautiful simplicity this production draws you into the breathtaking depravity that is life for women in Juarez, Mexico. It will haunt you.

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