Author: Sarah Downs

Anatomy of a Suicide

Anatomy is right. This extraordinary play dissects the topic as any good clinician might. The cast is remarkable, with tour de force performances well worth seeing. I would have preferred, however, a more emotional than intellectual experience.

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Written in 1973, the musical Seesaw takes us back to a moment of great uncertainty in New York CIty’s history. The musical tells a love story of contrasts – country boy and city girl, and, in retrospect, the dichotomy between a time of innocence and a city in dire need. For the artists, dancers and singers who gathered here, it may have been a dear old, dirty town, but it was their dear old, dirty town.

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Harry Townsend’s Last Stand

Even age cannot tame the lion that is Len Cariou in this play about a father and son navigating the treacherous waters of their less than sunny relationship. It’s time for father to give way to his son’s authority, by opening a space for him in his life and his heart.

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Mac Beth

Once upon a time, three girls went into the forest but only two came out. In Erica Schmidt’s brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth you will discover how that could be.

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One in Two

In one in two, Donja R. Love opens a window into what it is to live with HIV. The excellent writing is raw and revealing – laced with irony and even humor. Jamyl Dobson, Leland Fowler and Edward Mawere give courageous, soul baring performances that leave no room for doubt. Now, as when the AIDS epidemic was at its height, silence equals death. We must not be silent.

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