Author: Sarah Downs

The Aran Islands – Through March 28

Wisps of fog cross the screen as \photographic images of a bleak landscape, with lichen covered stone and dried grass enhance take us to the islande of Inishmore, a remote spot just west of the Irish coast. Desolate, uniform, proscribed, it is a place of limited land and limitless sea.  And yet, in contrast to the gloom of grey stone and grey skies, the people of the island possess astounding vitality, challenging the barren landscape to conquer their spirit.

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Love, Noël: The Songs and Letters of Noël Coward

In Love, Noël: The Songs and Letters of Noël Coward, K.T. Sullivan and Steve Ross trace the career of Noël Coward through his music and a treasure of trove of letters he left behind upon his death.  Through them we see behind the curtain, from the artist composing for a sophisticated public to the man writing for an audience of one.

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The Weir

It is said that the constant sound of wind blowing can drive  you mad.  In the lonely countryside, with its secrets and hideaways, you can well believe it. In The Weir, Conor McPherson introduces us to a world of shadows and inchoate thoughts, where imagination plays tricks on one, especially on long, dark nights in the lonely countryside.

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Encores! Mack and Mabel

You want fire, pizzazz and romance – Mack and Mabel is your show. In this production at Encores! at City Center, the story of silent film director Mack Sennett and his protegee, comedienne Mabel Normand comes alive in brilliant color and sound. Douglas Sills and Alexandra Socha are magic together. Jerry Hermans wondrous score is given its full due by Rob Berman, with lush arrangements that leave you wanting more.

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