Author: Sarah Downs

Dana H.

Some stories are just so weird that you are left with more questions at the end of the telling than at the beginning.  Such is the tale of Dana H.  It is a true-life story that in the retelling is surreal to the point of disbelief.  Yet believe it we must.

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The Lehman Trilogy

If you see one play this year, make it The Lehman Trilogy. Tracing over a century of capitalism writ large, the play dramatizes the history of an empire, from a one room dry good store to high-flying international finance. First and foremost, however, The Lehman Trilogy is the story of family, of relationships, emotions, ambition, overreach and folly. It is the story of America.

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Moms: The Musical – An Interview with Kelly Surette and Victoria Rae Sook

I had the great pleasure of zoom-meeting the two talented women at the helm of Moms: the Musical, which will be live-streamed on July 24th at 2:00 p.m.   Kelly Surette, who composed and wrote the book for the show, and Victoria Rae Sook, its Director, are not only charming and multi-talented, they are also exemplary advocates for the lives and experiences of women, and for more opportunities for women in theater.  They embrace a kind of female empowerment that is inclusive and diverse.

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Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams

If you are looking for a familiar dark narrative of the gay man in a dangers world, the brilliant, cynical drunk who nevertheless wrote some of the finest plays of the 20th century, rejoice — that’s not what you’re going to get! Jacob Storms as Tennessee Williams offers a refreshingly hopeful take on the life of the playwright during his formative years from 1939-1945.

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