Author: Sarah Downs


Jonah, by Rachel Bonds, is an exciting, absorbing drama about a young woman navigating that difficult transition from teenager to independent adult, hampered by more than her fair share of difficulties.  Brilliant, well structured, complex and verbally textured, it is the kind of play one can lose oneself in.  And lose myself I did.

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In the inventive, heartfelt and entertaining piece Primordial by Lillian Isabella, playing at the Tank through February 24th, six  actresses speak the words of real women and people involved with childbirth, culled from interviews Isabella has conducted with women from all walks of life.  It is a thoughtful piece of documentary theater that seeks to express the range of experience that is pregnancy and childbirth, and highlight difficulties that receive little to no attention in American society.

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White Rose

White Rose tells story of an idealistic young woman who with her brother and two friends braved danger by daring to speak out against Fascism in the form of a pamphlet of anonymous origin which they named The White Rose.  It could speak out where individuals standing on street corners, or even in the privacy of their own homes could not.  I am sorry to say, despite this laudable goal, White Rose fails, buckling under the burden of smug confidence that they are Saying Something Important. It starts with an inchoate opening number that lacks punch and ends with breathless self sacrifice.  

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Formidable! Aznavour

At the Town Hall on Saturday Jauary 14th, Jules Grison sang his heart out, sharing his  love of the great composer and singer Charles Asnavour with an audience who deserved neither his time nor his talent.  In my years of performing and attending theater, I have never witnessed such disregard for a performer or, indeed, for fellow audience members. Nevertheless, despite all obstacles Grison’s talent and engaging enthusiasm won out. Handome and lanky, with a winning smile and strong voice, Grison performs with panache and authenticity, honoring the legacy of legendary composer and singer Charles Aznavour.

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