Author: Sarah Downs

Monsoon Wedding, the Musical

Monsoon Wedding, the Musical is an absolute delight. Bursting with color, dance and lots and lots of marigolds, it’s the kind of musical that reminds you why it’s so much fun to go to theater. Heart, visual splendor and a shared sense of wonder, married to loads of talent, have given us a production that lifts your spirits, celebrating life’s difficulties and love’s magic.

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Women’s Voices, presented by Danse Lumière

Women’s Voices” paid tribute to the work of women in the arts, including excerpts from ballets created by women, and a panel discussion, in which Artistic Director and choreographer Kathryn Roszak, visual artist Anna Sidana and choreographer Gianna Reisen discussed women and leadership in the arts.

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Cecil Beaton’s Diaries

In his diaries Beaton bares his teeth more than his soul, choosing to belittle lesser mortals and excoriate in private those whom he had to endure in public. He maintains the façade of the eccentric dandy, even to himself. Nevertheless, there are glimpses of the loss and genius that drove him.

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Temple University Orchestra – Jazz at Lincoln Center

In a flurry of energetic percussion, daring brass and beguiling strings, the various ensembles shone, performing in several styles, from a pure classical sound, through old school jazz with its distinct texture and excitement, to brand new compositions that painted modern images with traditional sound.

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Yes, I Can Say That!

In her one woman show Yes, I Can Say That!, Judy Gold shoots from the hip, right across our collective bow, in an impassioned wake-up call to remind us what ‘free speech’ means. And of how crucial comedy is to such freedom. She’s loud; she’s out there, and she’s right.

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