Author: Sarah Downs

Piaf! The Show (2023 world tour)

In this solo concert, Nathalie Lermitte personifies Edith Piaf without doing an impression or imitation.  Rather, Lermotte has internalized the spirit of Piaf’s specialty, the chanson réaliste – music rooted in simple, real human emotion (which, of course, is never actually simple), and made it her own. Sensitive piano and the woody sound of xylophone locate us in the smoky cabarets, but it is the accordion, alternately wistful and boisterous, that whisks us off to Mont Martre and la vie Bohème. 

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The Far Country

In The Far Country, playwright Lloyd Suh explores how far someone will go, and how far away you will travel, in search of what you hope will be a better life — and how that voyage can completely shatter you.  The play is a revelation and an act of reverence, honoring Chinese immigrants at the turn of the 20th century, who fought extreme prejudice to become US citizens.  It is a beautiful and devastating piece of theater.

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The Patient Gloria

In her delightfully irreverent play The Patient Gloria, Gina Moxley takes aim at entrenched sexism, joyously dissecting patriarchy with in-your-face abandon.  Brilliant, funny and subversive, The Patient Gloria is an edgy satire of power with a dash of punk rock thrown in.

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Sandra is a marathon feat of storytelling, following the footsteps of a woman who risks everything in service of a friend, who has apparently disappeared while on a trip to Mexico. As the mystery of his whereabout deepens Sandra is required increasingly to step outside her comfort zone. In so doing, Sandra discovers heretofore unseen courage and resolve.  She rediscovers herself.

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