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Magdalene:  I am the utterance of my name Score 75%

Magdalene: I am the utterance of my name

In her solo piece Magdalene: I am the utterance of my name,  Sylvia Milo challenges received notions of the identity of Mary Magdalene, seeking to restore an unjustly silenced female voice to public consciousness, correcting historical inaccuracy and malicious mischaracterization. Mary Magdalene has been more canvas than  character in her own narrative, as her ‘identity’ has been projected onto her through the eyes of a handful of men centuries after the fact. I had high hopes for Magdalene even as I had no idea what to expect.  There can be such joy in the unexpected.  Alas, this was not the case here.  This disorganized, self-indulgent piece lacks coherence and direction.

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EMPIRE Score 95%


By Holli Harms Get Ready! Get Set! EMPIRE the musical is about to open at New World Stages July 1!...

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The Edge of Nature Score 95%

The Edge of Nature

You may think that a show about climate change will carry the severity of the horrors of what is happening to our planet and nothing more. The loss is there, but mostly the love of our little planet and the pure joy of the creatures who inhabit it is the underlying theme.

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