Author: Holli Harms

The MOTH PROJECT – Music/Pictures/Words

Peter Kiesewalter has crafted a beautiful event exploring the mysterious life of moths, their profound similarity to humans – our transformations, migrations, conflicts, biodiversity, and connection to our wondrous planet, as well as scientific mindfulness, into a magical, mystical event that will leave you with awe-inspiring wonder.

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The Who’s TOMMY

Much of the production is at a race pace that never gives us the chance to fall into the characters. We are never able to lock into the story. We are sitting back enjoying the wonderful performers but we are not lifted out of our chairs.

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Before The Drugs Kick In

Before The Drugs Kick In is funny, heart-wrenching, and not to be missed. How Lemme creatively rolls out the story, discreetly turning one card after the other over until the deck is face up, creates one unexpected moment after one unexpected moment. DeCotis’s performance is staggering, as she is not one woman standing before us but two, and they each have something to say.

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