Author: Tulis McCall

Borghesi’s BACK!!! at Don’t Tell Mama

Here is the deal – it doesn’t matter what story Leanne Borghesi tells or what tale she spins – none of that matters. She could knit a sweater while she is up there, or clean out a toaster over, and we would still be glued to her.

“Some people are born into show business,” she tells us, “and others just bust right through.”

Borghesi is of the latter sort.  She busts through any malaise, any reservation, any measure of ho-hum you might be carrying around and blows it to the sky.  She sweeps you up into an embrace that would reduce even Scrooge to a giggling bowl of Jell-O.  She is a perfect combination of sarcasm and joie de vive that New York needs right this very minute.

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Planet of the Grapes – LIVE!

If you had told me, say, a year ago, that would be watching a live toy puppet theatre production of a play based on “Planet of the Apes,” I would have tossed you out the window.  If, however, you had said the production was created and featured the talent of Peter Marino, I would have put the date in my calendar – in ink.

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Daryl Roth and Theresa Rebeck to Introduce 2021 Theatre Women Awards Virtual Gala

Tony Award-winning theatre producer Daryl Roth and playwright Theresa Rebeck (both Co-Chairs of the LPTW Advisory Council) will introduce the 2021 Theatre Women Awards Virtual Gala and speak about their hopes for the future of the industry, as live theatre returns. The event will be presented virtually by the League of Professional Theatre Women on Monday, June 7 at 7pm.

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Crafted from firsthand interviews with New York City medical first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic, THE LINE cuts through the media and political noise to reveal the lived experiences of frontline medical workers in New York and their battle to save lives in a system built to serve the bottom line. Back online by popular demand for eight weeks, this timely drama is available to watch now on-demand via The Public’s Play Now platform through Monday, June 21, 2021.

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