Author: Tulis McCall

Scene Partners

Watching “Scene Partners” by John J. Caswell, Jr. at the Vineyard Theatre felt like an out of body experience.  I was watching something, but I had no idea what it was.

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Hell’s Kitchen

Seems as though there are three sets of people in the world.  The first group knows all about Alicia Keys and has been following her for decades.  The second group wouldn’t know her if they fell over her.  Third group is somewhere in the middle and knows the name Alicia Keys and may have heard a couple of tunes, but have not connected the tunes to the performer.

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Harmony – A New Musical

A pause here to praise these six actors.  They are astonishing in their talent, their enthusiasm and their commitment to every moment they are on stage.  They dance, sing, become puppets, fall in love and eventually run for their lives withou a hiccup. They deserve a Tony all their own.

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I Can Get It For You Wholesale

We meet Harry as a young man who remembers being robbed of his earnings as a messenger for the rag business.  As an adult, when faced with eviction, Harry steps on the wrong treadmill and never looks back.

He never waivers, so there is never a conflict. Oops.

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