Author: Tulis McCall

Laughing Liberally

I don’t laugh in the theatre very much. I am one of those quiet Connecticut laughers who watch and think, “THat’s funny.”

The night I saw “Laughing Liberally” I laughed so hard I barked.

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Austin Pendleton quoted Harold Pinter as having said, “To embark upon a conversation is a dangerous thing.”  Well, I Googled the heck out of that and could not find any supporting evidence. This pleased me no end.  Instead of doubting the quote I thought perhaps Google had slipped up in its nit-picking knowledge of our most intimate lives.  Were Pinter with us today, I wonder what he would think of everyone living their lives online.   Perhaps he would write a play even more intimate than Betrayal, although it is difficult to imagine what that could be.

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Rinse, Repeat

The topic here is one no one wants to talk about because it is elusive: eating disorders. In this case it is anorexia.  Domenica Feraud takes the topic in hand and eventually sweeps us into the confusion and bewilderment that traps people afflicted with this disorder.  That she takes so long to let the pendulum swing full circle causes this piece to miss the goal by centimeters.

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