Author: Tulis McCall


As the story concludes with Richard’s death we are all exhausted from the mighty effort this cast and this Richard have poured into the telling.   It is easy to get lost in a play of this nature.  Who is related to whom etc.  That is not the case here. It is a deliberate and methodical production that keeps us apace as it unwinds. A memorable tale indeed.

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Into The Woods

“Into the Woods” is a story where nothing is at it seems. And THAT is just fine with me.

From the moment the curtain rises and the love explodes into the audience, you know you have handed over the reins and all that is left is to sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Each character is mystery with two legs. Whether it is checking out another guest or looking for that elusive wineglass they could swear they just had in hand, or just listening.  They make listening so active you can almost hear their brains clicking as they follow along.

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There is an intimacy here as though the air were being tucked in around these four people.  Visions and ghosts come up in their conversation.  They never stray far from one another as though they are tethered by magical ropes stretching from the past into the future.  Hope and progress are measured in molecules in Corsicana.  If larger dreams were considered the entire town would come crumbling down.

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