Author: Tulis McCall

Letters of Suresh

At the end we see the four people whom fate has chosen to wrap up in all the paper that the world has to bestow.  It is a charming essay on the interconnectedness of everything.  But an essay is often cerebral to the point where the heart is barely involved.  That was the case here.  In the end we are interested in these characters but not concerned or involved.

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Chicken and Biscuits

The actors, however, navigate this hodge podge with generosity and grace.  This is a fine ensemble that shares the stage and the spotlights.  They bring this story to life and make it sparkle.  While you might drift off the trail, these performances will being you back again and again.  Let us hope you will be seeing them again.

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SIX:The Musical

a generous, funny, provocative show that races by you, grabs your hand and flies up into the stratosphere.  When they return you to your seats, you wonder what might have happened if these six wives of Henry VIII ever got together for real.  But you don’t wonder for ling – because they just did and you were there.

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Well, you’re following your nose, you’re following the scent of “What’s this show doing? Where’s that going to take me? No, I think we’ll do that.” Then that happens, and you throw out the harpoon or whatever and it lands, and you pull yourself forward to a new place. Then you say, “Well okay, where else do I want to go from here?” You throw it out again, and you pull yourself forward again. It’s more about being creative and being happy than it is about, “I want this specific thing or that the specific thing.” I think you want to be creating all the time.

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