Author: Tulis McCall

My name is Lucy Barton

I am confounded.  I don’t know what My Name Is Lucy Barton is.  I know what it is not. It is not a play.  Which, in and of itself might not be a bad thing if a person could latch onto whatever it is and go for a ride.  I could not find a latching-on place.

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Maz and Bricks

I am a fan of Fishamble theatre company.  Their previous play at 59E59, Blueberry Hill, left me gobsmacked.  Maz and Bricks did not. This is a sort of romantic travelogue with a touch of politics, a touch of self-doubt, shame, and of course hope.  What it was lacking was a large dose of character and action to balance out the touches.

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The Thin Place

Lucas Hnath is out to mess with your mind.  Let me tell – it ain’t a bad deal.  My advice is accept the invitation. Hnath and director Les Waters have created something like a pas de deux. Matching pacing and movement from moment to moment.  What they have created releases what has been set to paper and lets it fly – creating a new Thin Place where there was none before.

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The Inheritance

In this play there is one moment where the great loss from the plague of AIDS is handed to us like a baby in swaddling clothes.  Before we know it we have wrapped our arms around the now visible wound that we thought we had left behind.

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