Author: Tulis McCall

Get On Your Knees

The blowjob is imperfect, like life.  It is a wild thing that she is trying to tame, not for herself alone.  She is doing it all for us – and if you don’t believe her that is just fine.  She will still spin the tale of the blowjob, and make you think about something you would never discuss over a beer and a slice. Novak sneaks into your mind while you are not watching.   You never see her, you should pardon the expression, coming.  You only know she’s been there when you notice there has been a deposit in your mental bank account.

If she were not Jewish she might rename the show “Fall On Your Knees” – but hey, it’s her story and she is sticking to it.

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Two’s A Crowd

The best lines in “Two’s A Crowd” are delivered by Rudner, and one supposes they were written by her as well.  Sad to say, the good lines are few and far between.  The majority of the lines, spoken and sung, are stilted on the one hand and unimaginative on the other.  In addition they are laid over a story line that is preposterous.

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Toni Stone

Marcenia Lyle Stone, aka Tom-Boy Stone, aka Toni Stone was born in 1921 in Virginia.  She grew up in during the depression in St. Paul. She became the first woman (but not the only) woman to play professional baseball with the Negro League.  This is her story.  More than that, it is an iconic tale that should be memorized by every baseball-loving human being, told and retold until women are once again let into the majors.

And I don’t mean maybe, baby.

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