Author: Tulis McCall

Tony Danza: Standards and Stories – Café Carlyle

Tony Danza is a menche.  He has boyish charm, a heart of gold, and a voice that makes you understand the meaning of the word “croon”.  This is an act.  Tony Danza’s act.  Not that he doesn’t  possess all of the above, but what he really is is a man of substance.  He knows where he is going and pretty certain how he is going to get there.

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Ain’t No Mo’

With Ain’t No More at the Public Theater, the audience does more than tumble gently into the theatre.  They rush in like a tidal wave.  This is an integrated audience, with emphasis on people of color, and that in itself is welcomed but unusual.  For all our New York pride in being a melting pot, we are a segregated city.  Proof of that is the majority of theatrical productions as well as the audience in attendance.

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Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate is a musical that carries its own weight.  It is a fully formed old fashioned extravaganza of a musical that sweeps you up into its arms and carries you off.  Especially when the cast is lead by the gracious and skilled Kelli O’Hara.  She opens her mouth and you swear you can hear the angels singing – or maybe it is the sound of stars twinkling.  Whatever, it is pretty damn glorious.  Will Chase comes from behind and catches up to her at the finish line for a surprising and perfect conclusion.

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