Author: Tulis McCall

A Raisin In The Sun

I am at a loss here.  I cannot figure out what Robert O’Hara had in mind when directing “Raisin In The Sun” now at the Public Theater.  Something more than what is on the page perhaps, when what is on the page is plenty?  Part of this confusion might be that logistics were kiboshed when two of the lead actors (and their understudies) got covid.  The opening was pushed back from October 19 to October 25.  That is a huge ouch.  But enough to throw the production off kilter?

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Marilyn Maye at 54 Below

Oh for goodness sake STOP READING THIS NOW.

Go to you computer or even your phone (how old school would you like to go???) and make a reservation to see this wonder we call Marilyn Maye (646) 476-3551 – you’re welcome.

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