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AVENUE Q – winner of three 2004 Tony Awards including Best Musical – will close May 26 Off-Broadway at New World Stages (340 W. 50 Street). The musical which has been a part of the New York theatrical landscape for 15+ years, both on Broadway and Off Broadway is produced by Kevin McCollum, Robyn Goodman, Jeffrey Seller, Vineyard Theatre and The New Group, will have played a total of 6569 performances upon closing:  from its first Broadway preview on July 14, 2003 to its final performance May 26, 2019.  

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GARY – A Sequel to Titus Andronicus

I saw this show days ago. I am still in stun mode.  I rarely cannot find a place to start, but this production is so slippery that it keeps wiggling out of my hands.  It doesn’t get far, of course, because like so many of the victims that are piled high on the stage, it is missing ambulatory appendages that will take it anywhere.

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This is a supremely well-intentioned piece by Christopher Chen.  He is thinking of the big picture as it is lived out in the small rooms of life.  I hope he continues on this journey.  But with Passage Chen swaps out specificity for generalities, details for philosophy, and emotions for platitudes.  It ends up being a singularly uninteresting event – despite the intentions of the author and the fine work of this cast.

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Caroline’s Kitchen

What is cooking in Caroline’s Kitchen is not so much the food, of which there is hardly a morsel and what’s there ain’t choice, as it is the plot twists, of which there are too many to count.  Torben Betts has taken British Farce and put it a crash diet of steroids. Not a good idea for any of us involved.

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Link Link Circus

Within minutes of entering the stage and swooping her dog Pan, wearing the first costume of the night, up into her arms, Isabella Rossellini tells us, This show is a theatrical conference on the subject of “Can animals think, feel, and have emotions?” That about sums it up.

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