Author: Tulis McCall

The Doctor

The ideas in this play are not new, but they are newly laid out.  And of course in this political climate of fake news and lies as truths they are still relevant.

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Just For Us

OK THIS goes on my FAVORITES list. When Edelman drops us off at the final bus stop you realize we have doubled back around to the beginning.  He leaves us where he found us, except we are the wiser for it.

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Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground

One person shows that are biographical are always a bid dodgy. For one thing, the author has to come up with a reason for the character onstage to be talking at all – because the character is alone.  It is much easier to drop the fourth wall and talk to the audience directly.  After all – everyone knows that everyone else is there. “Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground” is a perfect example.

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Days Of Wine and Roses

Watching O’Hara and D’Arcy James in “Days of Wine And Roses” is both thrilling and exhausting.  These two thoroughbreds navigate this difficult and overwritten score with grace and self assurance.  Every song that O’Hara sings is an aria. D’Arcy James takes on his music with the precision of a fencing master.  This is a master class in every way.

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