Author: Tulis McCall

Girl From The North Country

Girl From The North Country is one of those once-in-a-lifetime productions.  You, I, we go to the theatre like some people go to church or temple or the Mosque or wherever it is that spirit touches your life.  We go out of obligation or curiosity or habit.  Most of the time it is worth it because we are touched on some level that we did not know existed.  Then there are those few and magnificent occasions when you see a show like Girl From The North Country and the lid is blown off of your life.

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As the leader of this motley crew of fine actors in Bernhardt/Hamlet, Janet McTeer is quite, quite wonderful.  Period.  She is mercurial and thoughtful.  She conveys the feeling that she is looking for just the right word to say, and that she herself is not certain what that might be.  She keeps you on alert, which is the job of an actor.  Less satisfying is the play Bernhardt/Hamlet in which McTeer is appearing.

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Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET

Well, you missed it.  And frankly, I have to take responsibility for your error because I didn’t tell you to go, because I got to the show myself just before it closed because life happened.  If I HAD gotten my tuchus over to this show on time I would have been shouting from every street corner GO SEE Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET – GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

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