Author: Tulis McCall

The Pain of My Belligerence

As you leave the theatre wondering how and why this play was produced, you will find yourself searching for the nearest bar to soothe everything that ails you – I recommend West Bank Cafe – ergo, the good news is that this play is stimulating the economy.

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17 Border Crossings

The evening tumbles into a blur of borders because there is no connective tissue.  There is no chronological order, no itinerary, and no reason given for why Mr. Phillips has been bouncing around the world for the past 18 or so years.  The insert in the program is the only guide to the time and location of each crossing.  I started counting are #6, just to steady myself.

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Who knew that everyone in Oklahoma was depressed?When you think of it, it makes sense.  This is not a pretty state.  This is a state that makes you insist on staying there.  Dustbowls.  Tornadoes. Texas to the south and the Dorothy’s Kansas due north.  Oklahoma means business, and if you ain’t up to it, please pass on by.

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Marilyn Maye: I Wish I Were 90 Again!

Marilyn Maye is glad to be alive and she makes you feel the same way – whether you want to or not.  My waiter said, “She makes me feel so good that I want to work harder at everything.”  Yeah.  Maye has 20 years on me.  Watching her perform makes me want to get up early and be ready to meet the sun.  Or, as Valerie Jarrett’s grandmother used to tell her, “Put yourself in the path of lightning.”  Yes indeed.Do yourself a huge favor and get thee thither.  Please, please, please.  

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