Author: Tulis McCall

Marys Seacole

This extraordinary cast, brilliantly directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz, delivers the goods that Drury created.  It is a majestic piece of work that takes no prisoners.  Pay attention or get left behind.

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Sea Wall/A Life

From the nanno-second that Alex (Tom Sturridge) begins to speak in Simon Stephens’ Sea Wall at the Public Theater, we know it is going to be a bad day at Black Rock.  Or Mudville.  Or wherever it is this story-teller is located as he talks to us.  Ditto for Abe (Jake Gyllenhaal) in A Life by Nick Payne. In the latter there are a few laughs well-played by Gyllenhaal, but on the whole, it is a gloomy evening.

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Charles Busch: Native New Yorker

“Winsome” is the word that comes to mind. I looked it up and the first words are: appealing, engaging, charming, winning, attractive – all of those work.  When Charles Busch performs he does not perform the way some do.  He lives his life out loud.  As a cabaret artist, Charles Busch opens the book that is himself and invites us to peek over his shoulder as he turns the pages.  We are only to eager to accept.

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