Author: Tulis McCall

The House That Will Not Stand

The location is Faubourg Tremé, New Orleans, Louisiana.  The date – and this is the important part – is 1813.  A decade earlier Napoleon sold a beaucoup chunk of land (828,000 square miles for 15 Million dollars.  Or 529,920,000 acres – not a bad trade) to the U.S. A decade later things in New Orleans were about to change for the 6 women who live in and around this “Creole Cottage.”

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Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Birbiglia sends us into the stratosphere howling at his observations, and brings us to a full stop when he wants to drop deeper into what it means to be a man on the verge of changing his life f-o-r-e-v-e-r. He examines all of it. And going along for the ride is an experience not to be missed. The way life is not to be missed. Get it?

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Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism: The Solo Show

I am happy to report that the Doctor is IN.  Most recently at Don’t Tell Mama on June 26th.  IN-sync.  IN-spiring.  And just the teeniest bit IN-sane.  Dr. Bradley Jones (yes that shingle is real) has just the right amount of observation, rhythm and razzle-dazzle to charm anyone within earshot.  His patter is not patter.  It is clean and precise. KT Sullivan’s direction is meticulous and serves Jones very well indeed. Jones knows exactly where each word belongs and why.

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