Author: Tulis McCall

The Piano Lesson

All in all this production didn’t add up for me.  I remember seeing another production 10 years ago and left there feeling connected, like kin, to this family and its raw magic, shining graces and shameful memories.  This cast gave it their best, but the sum was not as great as the parts.

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Opplaud Creates Survey to Help Live Theatre – Available HERE

The anonymous survey, developed with input from production companies and venue owners from Manhattan to Upstate, is an attempt to provide the independent theatre community with the data they need to adapt to changes in the attitudes and behaviors of theatergoers brought about by quarantine, new technologies and other societal trends.

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This is the story of two families living in Vienna, Merz and Jacobovicz, and how, through the magic of the exact right proportions of misfortune, luck, perseverance, and good fortune, this wild family tree managed to produce one Leo Chamberlain (Arty Froushan), AKA Leopold Rosenbaum, AKA the writer Tom Stoppard, whose story this is.

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