Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson Score 95%

Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson

The casting of this show is deliciously perfect.  I’m sucked in and the familiar anxiety arises within me because the characters are true to life.  The anxiety is relieved by the portraits of humanity in the madness. 

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Galas Score 55%


The 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall uprising has gotten a lot of attention in NYC during Pride Month – which, after all, is held in June every year to commemorate that event.  Reviving a Charles Ludlum/Ridiculous Theatrical Company work seems like it would be a no-brainer to include in the festivities.  Ludlum’s body of work from the late ‘60’s to the late 80’s pushed the boundaries of comedy by using wild exaggeration, cross-dressing and pointed satire, but he resisted labels like “camp” or “avant-garde.”  He not only wrote the plays, but most often starred in them (in drag) and directed them as well.  Openly gay, his death in 1987 marked the first front page obituary by The New York Times to mention a death from AIDS. But will a 1987 work translate?

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Square Go Score 87%

Square Go

Square Go is a great portrayal of what boys everywhere go through in trying to understand what it means to be a man.

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A Strange Loop Score 80%

A Strange Loop

What is it like to be “a young overweight-to-obese homosexual and/or gay and/or queer, cisgender male, able-bodied university-and-graduate-school educated, musical theater writing, Disney Ushering, broke-ass middle-class far left-leaning black-identified and classified American descendant of slaves full of self-conscious femme energy and who thinks he’s probably a vers bottom but not totally certain of that obsessing over the latest draft of his self-referential musical “A Strange Loop!” And surrounded by his extremely obnoxious Thoughts?”  Well, you’ll have to get yourself to Playwrights Horizons to see the world premiere of Michael R. Jackson’s brave new musical “A Strange Loop” in order to find out.

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