Dana H. Score 94%

Dana H.

Some stories are just so weird that you are left with more questions at the end of the telling than at the beginning.  Such is the tale of Dana H.  It is a true-life story that in the retelling is surreal to the point of disbelief.  Yet believe it we must.

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Autumn Royal Score 80%

Autumn Royal

Succeeds in delivering the disquieting goods of hopelessness, along with a bonus dose of family turmoil.

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David Byrne’s American Utopia Score 95%

David Byrne’s American Utopia

“David Byrne’s American Utopia” is the perfect first post-pandemic theater to see. It is unlike anything you’ve seen before – unless you’ve seen IT before. It is exuberant, joyful, mesmermizing, moving, thoughtful and fun! It is also completely safe. Vaccinations, ID and masks required.

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