The Giant Hoax Score 88%

The Giant Hoax

Kit Goldstein Grant’s new musical represents the first main state production for IndieWorks Theatre Company. Tap your foot to her catchy score of wonderfully whimsical music and clever lyrics set in a child’s magical imaginative 1869 world of P. T. Barnum and a strange petrified giant.

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The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays Score 90%

The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays

A two-hour entertainment that reaches out into the audience and wows everyone with a show of depth and variety that will tickle your funny bone, leave you scratching your head utterly flummoxed and amazed. Seriously.

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MsTrial Score 72%


What’s surprising about MsTrial is that it was written in 2002 and what is not surprising, unfortunately, is how familiar its circumstances seem. Lawyer-turned-actor Dep Kirkland wrote and stars in this production that measures the very sharp angles of a workplace triangle.

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The Inheritance Score 80%

The Inheritance

In this play there is one moment where the great loss from the plague of AIDS is handed to us like a baby in swaddling clothes.  Before we know it we have wrapped our arms around the now visible wound that we thought we had left behind.

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Love Actually? is a scrappy and wonderfully messy parody that is full of amazing talent and is incredibly enjoyable for those who love or hate the film, but it is definitely made for those who are deeply nostalgic of the film.

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