The Land Of Promise Score 70%

The Land Of Promise

Part of the Carnegie Hall Migration series. Touches ever so lightly on the rich ethnic contributions of the Scots-Irish to the American fabric.

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17 Border Crossings Score 70%

17 Border Crossings

The evening tumbles into a blur of borders because there is no connective tissue.  There is no chronological order, no itinerary, and no reason given for why Mr. Phillips has been bouncing around the world for the past 18 or so years.  The insert in the program is the only guide to the time and location of each crossing.  I started counting are #6, just to steady myself.

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Burn This Score 92%

Burn This

Adam Driver displays extraordinary range in a powerful performance that in itself is the reason to see this show. The other actors, while accomplished, find themselves perennially in ‘catch-up’ mode. When Driver is onstage, everything else fades. You can’t wait to see what he will do next.

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All Our Children Score 95%

All Our Children

Acted with care and vicious depth, I was glad I was able to witness the unfolding of this horrific story, and the love that rises up from it.

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The Humours Of Bandon Score 90%

The Humours Of Bandon

Everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s day and it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to see this play! Come be a part of the Irish heritage and culture for an hour.

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