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From the Shadows Score 65%

From the Shadows

This movie takes place via a Zoom-like platform where the main characters interact, attempting to convince a paranormal debunker that they indeed have powers but are also innocent of their supposed crime. One by one, we witness the remaining cult members fall victim to a supernatural predator as he mysteriously visits them, turning this into a modern-day “FaceTime” version of a Nightmare on Elm Street.

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DIG Score 98%


as the play concludes Rebeck drops us off in the neighborhood near where the story started.  Where truth was a bargaining chip.  Curiosity was the coinage of the realm.  And possibility was almost DOA.  Almost.

This is a majestic play.   Get there.

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9 Kinds of Silence Score 85%

9 Kinds of Silence

What makes this play intriguing is the space between, the quiet of mind in its many forms juxtaposed with the noise of forced intention that is so poignant in its playing. 

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JOB Score 95%


This play is not a walk in the park.  It is a running of the gauntlet.  Both these characters are playing a high stakes game, and because of the combination of writing, direction and performances we are allowed access to the very heart of the matter.

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Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors Score 90%

Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors

Lucy (Jordan Boatman) the woman for whom all the trouble is made, is Helen of Troy gorgeous.  With heaving bossom, she is such a master of physical comedy that we and all the “men” on the stage are afraid to take our eyes off of her.  Tempered with patience for all the chaos around her, the love she bears in her heart is co-committed to her chosen family, banishing the boring codependent Lucy other productions have given us; Boatman offers a Lucy in control of her life. 

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Swing State Score 94%

Swing State

Swing State is unique in that it is a political play that is not overtly political.  Focusing on the human, the play sets out the emotional terrain on which ideologies and preconceptions can wreak havoc.  Told with sensitivity, humor and dramatic intensity, the narrative explores grief’s insidious reach, as the four protagonists come face to face with the price of progress (or is that the wages of sin?)

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