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Isaac Mizrahi at 54 Below August 10-13 Score 95%

Isaac Mizrahi at 54 Below August 10-13

Misrahi is a boyish, lovable character who is bawdy, irreverent, clever, and entertaining with repartee and humor as delightful as his singing. His selection of songs seems to spring from biographical sentiment, and while he can sing to be funny, he can also touch hearts with the intense pathos, sadness, and beauty he expresses in songs like Sondheim’s “One More Kiss” from Follies. The song ended with a whisper, silence, and thunderous applause.

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Karen Mason “30 … and Counting” Score 95%

Karen Mason “30 … and Counting”

Denny and Mason are like two halves of one being. In his playing, Denny’s mastery of both driving and echoing Mason’s performance leaves her free to explore. For her part, elegant in her white silk pantsuit Mason is a walking Halston who just happens to channel music straight from the Muse.

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The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII Score 95%

The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII

Tonight was an entertaining concert by influential, gifted, and driven artists. We shall be hearing from them more and more as their sparkling careers continue to evolve. The band was solid, the sound balance was excellent, and the musicians seamlessly shifted through the demands and diverse styles of the songs.

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Safe Home Score 80%

Safe Home

This would be a great series of books.  This show is still in development.  It could be a great play with just a little more development toward a gratifying resolution.

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THE NOSEBLEED will pull you in with its simplicity and leave you healed from a cleansing group catharsis on love, family, failure, and what you would do if you could make it all right.

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