God Said This Score 97%

God Said This

John is the flawed “good guy.”  The guy you never thought you could count on who shows up when you need someone to keep you sane and he surprises you with useful wisdom.  Coiner is – yeah, I’m gonna say it – sublime.  Gould must have said, Run with it, Kid; and he absolutely did. 

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Why did I create Usher Nonsense and now Front Row Center??? For my money, the theatre is up there...

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Blueberry Hill

Full disclosure – scheduling was difficult for On Blueberry Hill in terms of reviewer availability.  Nobody could do it.  I myself was going to pass until a friend of mine emailed to say GO SEE THIS SHOW.
I did – and Holy Katoodles am I glad. I owe the aforementioned friend a bottle of wine or a barrel of monkeys – her choice.

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True West Score 70%

True West

There are times when I feel that I should tag my posts “The Minority Review”.  After listening to the audience hooting and hollering their approval for Roundabout Theatre’s production of True West, that is exactly where I am positioned.  I have no idea what play the audience saw – perhaps it was just one or two steps over in a different dimension.  That would explain it.

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