A Man’s A Man

Yesirreeee, A Man IS a Man.  And there’s not a thing that we can do about it.  He is bored and hungry and has very, very bad manners.  Like a large cat that has been caged too long, Don’t put your hand in the cage, no matter how...

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WARNING !!  WARNING !! WARNING !!  It’s immediately clear in Thomas Bradshaw’s new play “Intimacy” that the emperor definitely has no clothes on.  We visit with three neighbor’s households in...

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Going East Towards Home

Billy Yalowitz, writer and actor who plays his older self does it all.  He plays guitar, sings, and moves like a trained dancer. We follow him through his life in search of an answer.  He is joined by three other actors.  David...

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What isn’t entertaining about a night of lights, dancing, and music? You can’t go wrong; you are guaranteed see something refreshing. It was featured on America’s Got Talent after all. It is dark and silent. Music fills the...

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