Reich Richter Pärt Score 88%

Reich Richter Pärt

Fiery reds, piercing greens, epic violets. Painter Gerhard Richter’s art explodes with color. In this collaboration with two very different composers, Arvo Pärt and Steve Reich, we experience the painter’s work in uniquely different, yet related musical contexts. It’s an embarrassment of riches well worth the trip to the wilds of Hudson Yards.

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Marilyn Maye: I Wish I Were 90 Again! Score 97%

Marilyn Maye: I Wish I Were 90 Again!

Marilyn Maye is glad to be alive and she makes you feel the same way – whether you want to or not.  My waiter said, “She makes me feel so good that I want to work harder at everything.”  Yeah.  Maye has 20 years on me.  Watching her perform makes me want to get up early and be ready to meet the sun.  Or, as Valerie Jarrett’s grandmother used to tell her, “Put yourself in the path of lightning.”  Yes indeed.Do yourself a huge favor and get thee thither.  Please, please, please.  

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Sincerely, Oscar Score 55%

Sincerely, Oscar

“Oh for a muse of fire”, or at least a shot of whiskey.  Sincerely  Oscar is what you get when you sing in the shower and think you have created a show.  Incomprehensible and self-indulgent, this musical revue left me speechless, and not in a good way.

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Faust 2.0 Score 57%

Faust 2.0

With certain theatrical companies, you have expectations. You get excited to see what they have to bring to the table and they bring it and more. Usually.

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