Enchanted April Score 85%

Enchanted April

The charming Matthew Barber play, Enchanted April, set in London and on the Italian Riviera in the early 1920s, can be seen as a romantic comedy, or as something more–a call to people old and young not to stand in the way of their own happiness.

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Ever Young – Somethings’ Doing in Florida Score 99%

Ever Young – Somethings’ Doing in Florida

We get to eavesdrop on a foursome from 100 years ago. We see what was in style in Palm Beach and how the privileged conducted themselves. Secrets unfold, and the audience gets an intimate glimpse into relationships along with a history lesson.

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DOT: A Silent Comedy Score 90%

DOT: A Silent Comedy

Hope Salas is a machine in that her body’s strength, flexibility and stamina are a wonder.  But every bit of this machine is, in fact, a tender and vulnerable human body.  As I watched her move, my own body empathized, aching and sweating, tightening and releasing, while she killed me softly with her mortal instrument.  Her deep understanding of the human condition takes me beyond where Camus once abandoned me; she reminds us that there is joy and that there is, indeed, Hope. 

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