Eve’s Song Score 95%

Eve’s Song

Patricia Ione Lloyd’s “Eve’s Song” is a searing exposé of what it means to be black and female in America today.  Much has been talked, written and protested about the perils of young black men in this country recently, with good reason. Racial disparity in job opportunities, incarceration rates and unemployment rates are well documented and discussed.  Violence against black men, especially by law enforcement, has been the cause of national attention and debate for several years, spawning whole movements such as Black Lives Matter.  But the specific toll on black women, and the violence done to them, often gets buried on the back pages of newspapers.  With “Eve’s Song,” Patricia Ione Lloyd does what women have always done through the ages, looks with compassion, humor, insight, bravery and unwavering strength at what has to be done, and takes it on.

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Durst Case Scenario:  Mid-Term Madness Score 87%

Durst Case Scenario: Mid-Term Madness

Donald Trump as President – madness, indeed! The world is upside down. Life is Theater of the Absurd. Irony is a glut on the market. Will Durst is here to lift our spirits with intelligent humor for 85 minutes of fun and food for thought.

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The Chinese Lady Score 95%

The Chinese Lady

“The Chinese Lady”, is inspired by the true story of America’s first female Chinese immigrant. It is a tale of dark poetic whimsy, a piercing portrait of America as seen through the eyes of a young Chinese woman; Afong Moy reflects on life in 1834 and beyond, as she is brought to the United States from China and put on display for the American public as “The Chinese Lady.”

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Catch As Catch Can Score 70%

Catch As Catch Can

Page 73’s ‘Catch As Catch Can’ tries to tackle too many themes in two hours and leaves the audience lost despite stand-up performances from its three cast members.

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