Clearly a lot of thought and time went into the Brick Theatre’s production of “Purchase.”  Unfortunately, I spent most of the show trying to work out what was happening and failing to keep up with the futuristic english syntax...

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All That Fall

To watch Eileen Atkins (Mrs. Rooney) and Michael Gambon (Mr. Rooney) working together is, well, a privilege.  These two are such skilled performers that what they do is layered, intricate – and looks easy.  So fluid and...

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Fix Me, Jesus

As the play opens in a Neiman Marcus dressing room in Dallas (1986), main character Annabell Armstrong (Polly Lee) is searching for the perfect dress to wear to a country club wedding.  Annabell is a political operative and...

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An Infinite Ache

A wise friend tells me that a satisfying life is a series of small moments.  David Schulner’s An Infinite Ache is all of that—satisfying, and a series of small moments. At eight o’clock Saturday night, as the audience...

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Songs From Above

Few things are as humbling as sitting on the floor in your socks surrounded by toddlers staring avidly at a puppet. “Songs From Above” is at once simple, sweet, and beautiful, invoking the wonder of my inner child with ease. The...

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