Don’t go expecting a punishing, “god-how-depressing” evening. It’s not. As Wiesenthal’s character says: “You cannot hate all day, just as you cannot eat all day; you get full.” There is humor here, and charm, and one very, very well worn joke.

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Ben Rimalower is Bad With Money

I love the cabaret room at The Duplex. It’s cozy, small and narrow. People are seated close to one another in a way that feels like a party is about to begin. The room was packed. When Ben Rimalower made his entrance through the audience belting out an old Judy Garland song; “I’d like to hate myself in the morning” we were ready for the games to begin.

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Disgraced. I have been thinking about this word ever since I saw this play. If you take it at face value is means that a person has been removed from grace, or that grace has been removed from their life. But in Ayad Akhtar’s play, it appears that grace was never really present.

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The Last Ship

After seeing The Last Ship, my friend and I retired to the nearest watering hole and laughed hard we cried. Pretty certain our reaction was not the desired one on the part of this production team. Let it be known, however, that we were not laughing at the glorious music that Sting has created for this production, nor some of the very fine performances.

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Monologues & Madness



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