Peggy Shaw “Ruff”

Brava, or should I say Bravo to Peggy Shaw, the butch lesbian Sean Penn look-alike for her solo show “Ruff”.  She with Lois Weaver, director and co-author, have been presenting theater work with their company Split...

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Marilyn By Request

Here is your New Year’s Resolution: I Will Go See Marilyn Maye at the Metropolitan Room.  Don’t think about this.  Just do it.  You will start the year off giving yourself an extraordinary gift.  Plus – you will be grateful to...

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The Night Alive

“You can’t save everybody,” bemoans Tommy – in what is essentially a desperate plea that forms the heart of Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive – now reigning luminous at the Atlantic Theater...

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Le Jazz Hot: How the French Saved Jazz

Quincy Jones said, “If it weren’t for France, jazz would be dead.”  That was enough to set Pete and Will Anderson off on a mission.  And we are the beneficiaries. I was raised on big band music.  It made up the entirety of my...

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