The Norway Plays

Packaged together as “Norway Plays”, The Returning and More are two contemporary imports from Norway, translated from Norwegian into English.  Though I don’t know how the playwrights feel about the soul and accuracy of the...

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When you transfer a show from London to New York there is always the risk that certain elements can get lost in translation.  While the acting, especially the heart and raw emotion, remained well intact, one could argue the...

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The Patron Saint of Sea Monsters

Before the curtain rises, we hear birds chirping like on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.  The play opens in a forest by a log cabin with a cocktail sign.  We see Calvin Little (Rob Campbell) in a wife beater, his half-brother...

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Clearly a lot of thought and time went into the Brick Theatre’s production of “Purchase.”  Unfortunately, I spent most of the show trying to work out what was happening and failing to keep up with the futuristic english syntax...

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