To The Bone

To The Bone is a play not to be missed. There is just no other way to say that.  This play is a...

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This Lingering Life

Let’s begin with some math. The subtitle of This Lingering Life (which will be lingering downstairs at HERE until Oct. 4) is, Nine Noh Plays in pre-prologue, prologue, twenty scenes, two sightings, epilogue and optional one-to-three crossings in 80 American minutes. The play has 28 characters, portrayed by 10 different actors, and is led by one director, Cat Miller.

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The Valley of Astonishment

The Valley of Astonishment, at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center, is a vague and unhinged piece of work that floats in front of your eyes like a spider web gone all but loose. It is a story of the mind that circles round and round like a cat searching for the right spot for repose. What keeps you engaged are the performers: Kathryn Hunter, Marcello Magni and Jared McNeill – who are superb.

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The Fatal Weakness

The Mint Theater Company holds a unique place in New York’s theater scene. Since 1992, their mission has involved creating vibrant revivals of “worthy but neglected” older plays. Over the years, they have had more hits than misses, and now they have struck gold once again with this shiny production of George Kelly’s 1946 seriocomedy, The Fatal Weakness.

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Almost Home

In Almost Home the story opens in 1958 in the Bronx. Pappas (James McCaffrey) a crooked cop shakes...

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