The Brightness Of Heaven

The play is a moving, funny and accurate remembrance of these things past, and though the red-hot issues of the 1970’s might seem tame to younger audiences of today, in the capable hands of this excellent cast we are able to feel the real anguish both generations felt, on either side of that great divide.

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On The Town

This is exactly what you should expect inside the Lyric Theater as well when you see “On The Town.” The whole show is a feast for the eyes and ears, a beautifully wrapped sweet.

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Random Acts

it is good to watch an actor stretch wide, risk big, and expect you to ‘get’ her as she shifts from kid to mom to angel.

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Billy & Ray

What makes Mike Bencivenga’s script so engaging is that as he keeps us laughing, he deepens and broadens the story by giving us a sense of concentrically ever-larger circles: two men, Hollywood, the United States, and the world at the time.

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