Socrates Score 75%


It’s a biological imperative that parents love their children.  Which is why, when a toddler asks a series of unending questions, a parent will roll their eyes, tear out their hair, smile, and answer the question as best they can.  When an “arrogantly rude” dirty, unkempt, unemployed adult goes around and does the same thing, other adults tend to get testy.  The world premiere of Tim Blake Nelson’s “Socrates” explores how and why the father of ethical philosophy, in ancient Athens, the cradle of civilization where democracy was first practiced, was sentenced to death for doing the same  For a full review of “Socrates,” now playing at The Public Theater, go here.

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The Cathedral Choir at St. John the Divine Score 97%

The Cathedral Choir at St. John the Divine

Don’t miss the sublime musical experiences created by the Cathedral Choir at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Conductor, organist, and director Kent Tritle brings to the forefront important music from the world’s greatest composers performed by world class musicians.

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Oklahoma! Score 85%


Who knew that everyone in Oklahoma was depressed?When you think of it, it makes sense.  This is not a pretty state.  This is a state that makes you insist on staying there.  Dustbowls.  Tornadoes. Texas to the south and the Dorothy’s Kansas due north.  Oklahoma means business, and if you ain’t up to it, please pass on by.

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