Choir Boy Score 86%

Choir Boy

The religious spirituals, performed throughout with increasing intensity, behave in a fascinating way. They do not advance the plot or reveal character in the way of a traditional musical. Instead, they control the mood of the production in intangible ways.

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97 minutes of the retelling of Mary Shelley and her infamous monster and done in the most original, inventive and compelling way.

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[50/50] old school animation Score 85%

[50/50] old school animation

[50/50] old school animation is an unnerving, unsettling piece of theatre. A fascinating view into how easily cruelty can find its way into our lives and how sometimes we do not even recognize the abuse until it is too late.

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Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True Score 98%

Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True

“Hear Word! Naija Women Talk True” is a brutally honest look at the issues affecting Nigerian women across all levels of society that spares no punches. But it manages to be both incendiary and inspirational, joyous and heartbreaking yet in the end, triumphant. It is infused with the indomitable life force that gave rise to mankind – for good or ill. And while there’s no mistaking that Fafunwa is specifically writing about women in Nigeria, it is impossible for it not to reverberate with women all over the globe.

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