Heroes of the Fourth Turning Score 85%

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

With love in his heart and a lifetime of learning from the source, playwright Will Arbery digs into his conservative Christian past to bring “Heroes of the Fourth Turning” to the Playwrights Horizons stage.  For most liberal New Yorkers, it’s a chance to do what we’ve all been moaning about since the 2016 election – understand.  It’s also a chance to see a very fine ensemble cast and restrained and dignified directing by Danya Taymor.  Read my full review here.

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The Big One-Oh! Score 99%

The Big One-Oh!

The company of young and oh! so talented actors takes you on this wonderful 60-minute ride with puppets and dance and a great score that moves this story along like a bird in flight. The show will lift you and the theatre right up and off 20th street and into the stratosphere.

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How We Love/F*ck Score 98%

How We Love/F*ck

There is a celebration of the female body going on in the West Village and you’re all invited. Lillian Isabella’s new play How We Love/F*ck is a declaration of joy to every part of our bodies and to our sexual and sensual appetite.

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Brian Cox stars as LBJ in The Great Society at the Beaumont.  Playwright Robert Schenkkan takes a second swing — telling the second chapter in the Johnson legacy.  Johnson’s ambitions for his war on poverty, and his actual accomplishments to that end — Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and more — are imperiled by the turbulence of sixties.  The Vietnam War ruins him and the Civil Rights movement, which he’s supported and advanced, cannot stomach his pace.

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