Speakeasy Magick Score 98%

Speakeasy Magick

…and what happened next had most of us at the table jumping up from our seats saying, “NO way! No F’ing way!” My jaw dropped again and again and when I glanced at my fellow participants – a collective suspense of belief.

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Lone Star Score 65%

Lone Star

My advice: go see this show for the first hour, to see the Chalks, and leave before the play starts. More cow bell! Less Lone Star!

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Dying City Score 75%

Dying City

The winds of war in Iraq and twins at war with their past combine in this psychologically turbulent tale of damaged brothers and the woman caught between them.

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Last Man Club Score 95%

Last Man Club

Last Man Club is both feeble and full, real and not real, hopeless and hopeful, mean and meek, starved and sated. In other words, the play is many things all at the same time, but mainly a full meal of a theatrical experience that has a depth that only an ensemble group like Axis can bring to it.

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Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune Score 85%

Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune

Well isn’t this pleasant surprise? Here is the deal. I am not a big fan of Audra McDonald. It’s not that I don’t respect her talent. It is that every role I have seen her in seems to be a good person. Even Lady Day was struggling to be good. In Franke and Johnny in the Claire de Lune all that propriety is tossed out the window, beginning with the first scene. Coitus is the order of the evening and McDonald and her smashing co-star Michael Shannon perform a pas de deux that is perfection. McDonald’s outbursts are nothing short of an aria. Positively inspirational. Not to mention hilarious.

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