Yes!  Reflections of Molly Bloom Score 80%

Yes! Reflections of Molly Bloom

Molly is waiting for her Leopold to come home in the wee hours of the morning and she is reviewing her regrets over journeys of love and lust in which she may have taken a wrong turn or three.  There are few clues indicating if we are listening to her thoughts or rather she has invited us in for tea and is actually speaking directly to us.  The men she led and followed were expected to give her identity, purpose and, dare she hope for it, joy. 

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Jane Anger Score 97%

Jane Anger

Jane Anger is hilariously funny. Witticisms, cleverness, plays on words, malapropisms, and sparkling non sequitur rants abound along with a dash of the spirit of Monte Python and Mel Brooks, a touch of Abbott and Costello, and the cast’s superb timing that make it work.

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Snow in Midsummer Score 85%

Snow in Midsummer

Based on a 13th century work by Guan Hanqing, the feeling of being at once ancient yet modern, feminist yet powerless, resonates throughout the evening. Time is non-linear, bloodlines are long, spirits haunt the stage and nature itself is unsettled.

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Don’t Look Back Score 85%

Don’t Look Back

The play, at its heart, is circumstantial but also applicable across time. It plays on family dynamics, on age, and perspective.

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