My Very Own British Invasion Score 80%

My Very Own British Invasion

The arrival of so many people all at once from so many different directions seemed like an invasion itself, and certainly one that surprised me.  Although I have been a New Jersey resident for many years and a frequent theater goer, I confess that I had never been to the Paper Mill Playhouse, so, inevitably this is a review of an impressive performance and an impressive theater all in the same space.

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The Day Before Spring Score 92%

The Day Before Spring

The Day Before Spring is in season again! The show is charming without being trite. And in this “musicals in mufti” adaptation at the York Theater Co., the excellent performances and direction give it life, celebrating love in all its quirkiness and familiarity. Emphasis on the quirky.

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The Light Score 93%

The Light

“The Light” is the full package – great writing, superb acting, sensitive direction, excellent production values and timely, relevant subject matter presented with honesty, humor, dignity, passion and love. A powerful and affecting combination.

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