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Leaving Eden Score 80%

Leaving Eden

By turns, charming, sexy, melancholy and righteous, this pairing of an ancient myth and a contemporary parable explores the creation of empowerment and the empowerment that comes with creation.

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The Way She Spoke Score 95%

The Way She Spoke

Be prepared to be pinned back in your seat as you experience the riveting performance of Kate del Castillo in this deeply moving, impeccably designed show. In its beautiful simplicity this production draws you into the breathtaking depravity that is life for women in Juarez, Mexico. It will haunt you.

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Agatha is Missing! Score 85%

Agatha is Missing!

Holmes is a fearless improviser.  She has no idea what the audience members will say or do when she brings them into her show.  Some are so stunned that they cannot relax into any sort of agreement with the action, our hearts beat with the electric thrill and Holmes is prepared for that.  The best improvisers in the world can get stumped when their scene partner says, No.  Playful, but always in control, Holmes seamlessly makes anyone’s reaction a part of moving the story along even if she has to startle you a bit into compliance. 

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Mojada Score 90%


If you haven’t heard of the playwright Luis Alfaro or the director Chay Yew – you’ve been served.  Their new collaboration “Mojada”, an updated re-telling of the Greek legend of Medea, is now playing at The Public Theater through August 11th.

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