Author: Victoria Weisfeld

What Did You Think of That Play?

Ann Hornaday’s book Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies might sound like a superfluous entry in a list of how-to-do-it guides. What prep do you need besides finding a comfortable seat, grabbing your popcorn, and turning off the lights and the ringer on your phone? Sure, you can just relax and let the movie experience wash over you, but Hornaday’s deconstruction of the process will make your viewing a richer experience.

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The real-life confrontation between Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the red-baiting Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy is brilliantly explored in Joe DiPietro’s new play Conscience, on stage at George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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Goodnight Nobody

McCarter Theatre Center, Princeton, N.J., presents a stunning new play by Rachel Bonds, directed by Tyne Rafaeli, that opened January 18 and runs through February 9. The play’s five characters have fifteen relationships among them, relationships with the power to sneak up on you and knock you out of your seat.

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Monologues & Madness



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