Author: Victoria Weisfeld

Tennessee Williams: How to See

“The Fugitive Kind” is the framework Bonnie J. Monte is using for her Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Book Club discussions of Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) and his work. Monte is STNJ’s long-time artistic director, and the theater’s next Book Club discussion group this spring will focus on the play Henry V, Shakespeare’s stirring encomium to the Battle of Agincourt.

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Tennessee Williams: The Deep Dive

What do you think of when you think about the man many critics believe is one of America’s three greatest 20th century playwrights, alongside Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller? Other than thinking that’s a good way to start an argument, as I can hear you saying, “What about August Wilson?” “What about Sam Shepard?” “What about . . . ?” So, forget “one of the three” and just say, “one of the greatest.”

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Sets and Costumes: Theater Magic

The set and costume choices used in theater can seem more obvious than other aspects of a production, if only because they are things we evaluate all the time. What people are wearing; their rooms. We may bite our tongues, but we notice.

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