Author: Tulis McCall

All That Fall

To watch Eileen Atkins (Mrs. Rooney) and Michael Gambon (Mr. Rooney) working together is, well, a privilege.  These two are such skilled performers that what they do is layered, intricate – and looks easy.  So fluid and...

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Harold Sanditen – Shades of Blue

Passion is contagious.  It really doesn’t matter the subject.  As a for instance, a few months back I was visited by a woman from the landlord’s office who was there to check on the faucets.  Mine, as it happens, were dripping...

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

There is a sort of love fest you might want to join going on over in Brooklyn – and yes it is a trek – right across the street from BAM.  It is the opening of the stunning new Theatre for a New Audience at that Horowitz built. ...

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