Author: Stanford Friedman


A debate over high school bullying takes a brutal leap that not only wrecks the lives of all involved, but essentially damns the act of parenting all together.

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The Play That Goes Wrong

If it is cliché to say that a show has non-stop laughs, then this show is cliché in the extreme. If it is pat to say that this play lives up to its title, rarely have a talented crew of actors and technicians so seamlessly joined forces to make a ridiculously wrong piece of theater feel so very right.

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Eddie and Dave

A quasi bio satire of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth and the rise of their supergroup,Van Halen, in the MTV heyday of the 1980s. The 37 short scenes go fleeting by with so few laughs, so little gravitas and virtually no variance in tone.

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