Author: Stanford Friedman

Prejudice & Pride

It turns out that the sense and sensibilities of Jane Austen can be neatly showcased in a sequence of country-western ballads, played on the banjo and written by a long-haired young man from Kansas City.

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Good Vibrations

Adapted from their true banger of a bio film of the same name, writers Colin Carberry and Glenn Patterson again conspire to cage intense musicality within the true life story of Terri Hooley, the man who would become known as “The Godfather of Belfast Punk.”

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Primary Trust

There are several ways for a man to deal with a childhood trauma. He might seek out psychotherapy. He could delve into meditation. Or, if he is Kenneth, the central character in Eboni Booth’s hope- and laugh-filled new comedy,Primary Trust, he might indulge in two-for-one mai tais with an imaginary friend…

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