Author: Stanford Friedman

Leaving Eden

By turns, charming, sexy, melancholy and righteous, this pairing of an ancient myth and a contemporary parable explores the creation of empowerment and the empowerment that comes with creation.

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Rock of Ages

Though the production exhibits an almost pathological fear of leaving a tender moment alone, there is a standout performance by Kirsten Scott and enough earworms to satisfy any fan of 80’s power rock.

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In the Green

Inspired by the medieval story of Hildegard von Bingen, a child tithed by her family to the Catholic Church who spent decades in isolation and then, centuries later, was proclaimed a saint, McLean deconstructs Hildegard’s path from darkness into light, while exploring the connection between the spiritual mind and the physical body.

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Dying City

The winds of war in Iraq and twins at war with their past combine in this psychologically turbulent tale of damaged brothers and the woman caught between them.

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Nomad Motel

It’s tough being a high school kid with absentee parents, especially if your father contacts you only through burner phones or your mom’s best job in months is playing a pirate at Disneyland.

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