Author: Stanford Friedman


The pleasures of the Broadway revival of Spamalot are three in number. Three shall be the number thou shall count and the number of the counting shalt be three.

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The Lights Are On

Playwright Owen Panettieri sticks three jittery oddballs in a haunted house and leaves it to the audience to decide who among them is the biggest victim, the worst tormenter, the most insane.

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Jaja’s African Hair Braiding

The employees of Jaja’s each have their own ways of living with this danger. Bioh intertwines their tales, director Whitney White shapes the action into a tight thing of beauty and the ensemble work of the energetic cast is streaked with highlights.

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Prejudice & Pride

It turns out that the sense and sensibilities of Jane Austen can be neatly showcased in a sequence of country-western ballads, played on the banjo and written by a long-haired young man from Kansas City.

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