Author: Stanford Friedman

Amanda McBroom and John Bucchino at Birdland

The joy of listening to songwriters sing is the care and attention paid to the words being sung. McBroom shapes every syllable into rich and ripe tones capable of bringing on the tears. Bucchino weaves his words into a tight tapestry that matches his gentle humor and complements his superior work at the keyboard. 

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Sing Street

The tunes offer a mix of 1980’s pop fun and big-hearted emotions, but in going from silver screen to live stage, this teen dramedy, as Duran Duran would say, has come undone.

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What’s surprising about MsTrial is that it was written in 2002 and what is not surprising, unfortunately, is how familiar its circumstances seem. Lawyer-turned-actor Dep Kirkland wrote and stars in this production that measures the very sharp angles of a workplace triangle.

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