Author: Sarah Downs

Me the People: the Trump America Musical!

In the cozy Triad Theater, Me the People: the Trump America Musical is causing an uproar – the good kind. Satirizing the Trump experience (without an actual Trump thank goodness) a talented cast takes us through our paces with hilarious impressions and songs. Sitting together in a small theater having a drink and a good laugh, we kindred spirits are refreshed for the next stage of the fight. In resistance we trust!

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Measure for Measure

With a convoluted story of love and deception, Shakespeare puts on a show that percolates with humor and drama. Love may triumph all but you have to travel a winding road to get there. Shakespeare makes an audience work. And it’s always worth it.

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The Lucky One

A. A. Milne has succeeded in blending light drawing room comedy and subtle drama in an examination of family dynamics and identity. What happens when reality intrudes on genteel British family life?

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Adapting a classic story is a tall order. It requires bold choices to convey Dahl’s eccentric tale of a chocolate dystopia, with its manic Oompa Loompas and colorful child-murdering, candy creations. This adaptation fulfills that goal admirably.

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