Author: Sarah Downs

Inner Voices

Inner Voices suffers from an embarrassment of riches — in a really good way. Bursting with Tony winners and Broadway veterans, this is a series of musicals that demonstrate what a musical can and should be. Each unique story is linked thematically to the other in its exploration of loneliness and isolation, in compelling performances that range from delicate to dangerous.

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Ordinary Days

From the first bars of Ordinary Days, you know you have walked squarely into the happy world of musical theater. Engaging and unpretentious, the music by Adam Gwon, and performers are right in the pocket. The show has got a lot going for it, in its innovative set design and realistic, very human storytelling. However, while the music is consistent and comfortable, it is not very memorable.

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Herb Alpert and Lani Hall at the Cafe Carlyle

To say that Herb Alpert is iconic is to understate the impact he has had on music, both as a musician and a producer.  In all of his work, his art, his sound, his philanthropy, he has remained unabashedly idealistic.  In difficult these times, his spirit is exactly the tonic we all need.  You must see this show – it will make your heart happy.

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High Noon

In “High Noon,” adapted from the iconic 1952 film of the same name, the Hollywood Western meets “Waiting for Godot,” in an intriguing, at times unsettling evening of theater.

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