Author: Sarah Downs

Lolita, My Love

When Alan Jay Lerner announced he was adapting Lolita for the musical stage, his friends must have wondered what he was thinking.  Seeing the result of Lerner’s efforts, I want to know what he was smoking. Lolita, My Love is, in a word, wearying. 

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The Day Before Spring

The Day Before Spring is in season again! The show is charming without being trite. And in this “musicals in mufti” adaptation at the York Theater Co., the excellent performances and direction give it life, celebrating love in all its quirkiness and familiarity. Emphasis on the quirky.

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Behind the Sheet

“Behind the Sheet” is riveting. From what happens between the sheets to what transpires behind the sheet, it’s a continuum — the conundrum of womanhood — with the inevitability of pregnancy, the inevitability of pain, the inevitable trap of being a woman in a man’s world. Worse yet, a woman and a slave. 

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Christmas in Hell

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not hang out with the Bogeyman or you’ll miss Christmas. Worse yet, you’ll have to eat fruitcake.

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