Author: Sarah Downs

The Lightning Thief: the Percy Jackson Musical

“The Lightning Thief: the Percy Jackson Musical” represents the triumph of ambition over reason. Most small shows should stay small. Ramping up the volume won’t make weak material hit the balcony of a Broadway theater (let alone the back of the house); it will just give the audience a headache. Bring your earplugs and aspirin.

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Round Table

Weaving the strands of Medieval history and legend into a modern love story, Liva Vaynberg has written something fresh and new. Feminism meets fantasy! Round Table is more than fun; it’s sweetly touching and complex. Forsooth, and all that.

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Dublin Carol

Shame has no upside. With three excellent performances, and in language that verges on the poetic, Conor McPherson’s Dublin Carol digs into that most paralyzing of human emotions for 90 unflinching minutes. It’s an exercise in stamina, but it’s worth the effort. There is no tragedy without hope.

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American Moor

William Shakespeare’s Othello, the brilliant, powerful, flawed character whose insecurity proves his downfall is nothing more nor less than a man. Like any human he is the product of nature and nurture, and when interpreted his character is informed by the life experience of the actor portraying him. The question is, why has historically a white nature and nurture been privileged over any other? Does that not seem to fly in the face of, well, nature?

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