Author: Sarah Downs

Not Even The Good Things

Six friends go for a weekend in the mountains, but instead of a “Big Chill” they end up with “Big Buzzkill” as each realizes life is far more complicated than he expected. Not that that’s a bad thing. Life is messy, but at least it’s real.

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The Mountains Look Different

Ireland, man.  How is it that its literature can be so full of beauty and doom at the same time?  It is a land exceptional in its capacity to engender sadness. In “The Mountains Look Different” playwright Micheál mac Liammóir has tapped into that peculiarly Irish vein of longing, loss and poetry to craft a daring, uniquely dark tale that keeps you glued to your seat.

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Lone Star

My advice: go see this show for the first hour, to see the Chalks, and leave before the play starts. More cow bell! Less Lone Star!

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The energy and sheer irreverent joy of this show will propel you out into the night crying “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice B–”  (oops -watch out for that third “Beetlejuice” – all hell might break loose — literally!)

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Lady in the Dark

Victoria Clark carries Lady in the Dark in a hearftfelt portrayal of a successful working woman at an emotional crossroads. In this classic working woman vs. wife tale – a narrative destined to be told and retold in every generation – Kurt Weill’s music evokes both drama and dreamworld.

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