Author: Sarah Downs

One in Two

In one in two, Donja R. Love opens a window into what it is to live with HIV. The excellent writing is raw and revealing – laced with irony and even humor. Jamyl Dobson, Leland Fowler and Edward Mawere give courageous, soul baring performances that leave no room for doubt. Now, as when the AIDS epidemic was at its height, silence equals death. We must not be silent.

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Everything is Super Great

Family. You can’t live with them; you can’t live without them. In a humorous take on (mis) communication, dysfunction and loss, Everything is Super Great is a unique offering for the Christmas season. It manages to be charming without being insipid, a refreshing departure from the usual Holiday fare.

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Requiem: New Interpretations of Guiseppe Verdi’s Orchestral and Choral Masterpiece

Verdi’s Requiem at the SHED is the kind of musical experience I live for.  It left me breathless and on the verge of tears.  (Other than that, it was no big woop.) I could live without the distracting visuals, but the magnificence of Verdi’s score and the defiant musicality of the orchestra and singers overcame their banality. This is storytelling of the highest order. Don’t miss it.

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Monologues & Madness



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