Author: Sarah Downs

a dog story

“A Dog Story” is a charming love story with a very New York flavor. In his climb up the promotional ladder, an ambitious attorney is intent on finding a wife., but how to capture a woman’s attention in the midst of the clamor and hustle that is Manhattan living? The answer: get a dog! Nothing breaks the ice and warms the heart like an adorable dog.

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She Stoops to Conquer

The performance flows easily, with the actors executing the minimal set changes swiftly and with humor. Within the proscriptions of the physical space and the pared down nature of the production, the actors find numerous colors and levels, in some ways liberated by the imposed limitations. It is a testament to their commitment to ensemble and the director’s intelligence that they embrace this experience and run with it.

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Stupid F**cking Bird

“Stupid f**cking Bird” is a crafty, seditious and dramatic re-interpretation of Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, that beloved chuckle fest about longing, lost love and death.

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