Author: Sarah Downs

Night is a Room

In Night is a Room, playwright Naomi Wallace has accomplished that most difficult of tasks: she has written a story that is entirely new, and it’s drama with a capital D. It weaves and deceives, drawing the audience in completely.

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When was the last time you went to the theatre and had a ball? Well, here’s your chance. The Three Day Hangover theatre company’s inventive adaptation of “Tartuffe” brings theatre back to its more interactive roots when audience members didn’t have to sit quietly — not that that’s a bad thing, indeed I have been known to shush a chatty Cathy or two at the opera — but for this theatre company it would be positively rude to behave with such decorum. The audience is part of the show, mingling with the cast throughout the evening, and being called upon to join the ‘onstage’ action.

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Becky Shaw

This is the inaugural production of The Community NYC, and what a way to introduce yourself to the crowded NYC theatre scene. Love, anger, grief, money, family relationships — “Becky Shaw” fairly burst with plot lines, making for an interesting night of theatre.

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