Author: Nishka Jain


In a series of monologues and intimate scenes, the characters in AWAKE engage in life-changing conversations around some of the most polarizing issues of the day. Steadfast beliefs on race relations, gun violence, police brutality, and immigration policy are challenged as each character tries to make peace with their daily struggles, rigid circumstances, and life choices. AWAKE attempts to soften some of the tension that is presently dividing America.

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No rehearsals. A different guest actor at every performance. A sealed envelope. And
some surprises. In his latest work, Nassim explores the power of language to unite us in
these uncertain times.

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Chasing The New White Whale

CHASING THE NEW WHITE WHALE, addresses the problem of opioid addiction in fishing and working communities. In addition to the play, Gorman, who is the newly appointed Playwright in Residence at La MaMa, has developed an evolving series of environmental installations, readings, presentations and performances dedicated to unravelling the complex issue of addiction.

This innovative and deeply personal approach to tackling addiction was inspired by Gorman’s brother—a commercial fisherman in Boston and New Bedford, Mass.—who died of a heroin overdose.

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The Chinese Lady

“The Chinese Lady”, is inspired by the true story of America’s first female Chinese immigrant. It is a tale of dark poetic whimsy, a piercing portrait of America as seen through the eyes of a young Chinese woman; Afong Moy reflects on life in 1834 and beyond, as she is brought to the United States from China and put on display for the American public as “The Chinese Lady.”

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Days of Rage

Against the backdrop of an endless, unwinnable war raging halfway across the world, and a polarizing president recklessly stoking the flames of racist backlash at home – a generation of young people rises up to demand change from a corrupt political establishment. It is October, 1969 and unbeknownst to the rest of the world, three 20-something radicals are busy planning the impending revolution from a quiet college town in Upstate New York. But when two strangers appear, disrupting the group’s delicate balance, new dangers and old wounds threaten to tear the collective apart. Days of Rage is a timely new play about means and ends, ideals and extremes, and the perils of changing the world.

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