Author: Natalie Allen

Burlesque To Broadway

Showcases are fun, burlesque showcases are even better. “Burlesque To Broadway” starring Quinn Lemley, looks to be a fun Vaudeville throwback to classy, sassy burlesque.   The choreography by David Eggers and Merete Muenter is...

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Witnessed By The World

Journalist, Joan Ross (Charlotte Maier), meets Hollywood Writer/Producer Ira Basil (Max Gordon Moore) and together they agree to collaborate on the story of Jack Ruby and his involvement with the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald....

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The Preacher and the Shrink

It pains me to watch a good cast, good set, and good venue fall under the weight of a heavily saturated, emotional, cliche-ridden script. Merle Good’s The Preacher and the Shrink, playing at The Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row,...

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Clearly a lot of thought and time went into the Brick Theatre’s production of “Purchase.”  Unfortunately, I spent most of the show trying to work out what was happening and failing to keep up with the futuristic english syntax...

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Songs From Above

Few things are as humbling as sitting on the floor in your socks surrounded by toddlers staring avidly at a puppet. “Songs From Above” is at once simple, sweet, and beautiful, invoking the wonder of my inner child with ease. The...

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Monologues & Madness



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