Author: Natalie Allen

The Heir Apparent

I laughed, I chuckled, scoffed, snorted and rubbed my hands on my head and belly (you’d know if you went…). David Ives’ adaptation of the classic, written by Jean-Francois Regnard in 1708, is witty, full of great...

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Do yourself a favor: go see Dog and Pony DC’s production of “Beertown”. The production is fun, lively, and will never be the same experience twice. How could a show that is 60% scripted, 40% improvised, and the rest audience...

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The Summoners

Hook and Eye’s production of The Summoners is a truly original piece and has some wonderful new ideas on telling a somewhat convoluted story about an America blanketed in thick apocalyptic clouds. The play follows the town of...

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