Author: Michael Hillyer

Wolf Hall

…whenever the RSC is in town in this kind of force, there is always good reason to rejoice. The company assembled here is a joy to watch, and the number of riveting performances given in Wolf Hall is off the charts.

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Late With Lance

There are plenty of laughs to be had here, and as I threw in my donation (it’s pay-what-you-can on the way out) I exited the Triple Crown Underground a happier man than I had entered. There is no point, except to entertain people.

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The Brightness Of Heaven

The play is a moving, funny and accurate remembrance of these things past, and though the red-hot issues of the 1970’s might seem tame to younger audiences of today, in the capable hands of this excellent cast we are able to feel the real anguish both generations felt, on either side of that great divide.

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As much as we Americans may say we understand that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we don’t really mean it. We may be aware that every man accused of a crime is entitled to have his day in court, before a jury...

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