Author: Margret Echeverria

The God Box: A Daughters’s Story

The advertising for this show tells us that it will make us want to call our moms.  Hmmm.  I’m not sure about that.  I’ll bet your mother is not much like Quinlan’s mother.  I have two moms and still they have very different personalities from that of Mary Boales Finlayson who was in love with her husband, Ray, all her married life and proudly mothered Quinlan and her brother, Jack ,with some interesting disciplines.  For example, no one was to be admittedly sick.  Ever. 

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Fingers & Spoons

Roger-McKeever gives us a memoir of a rebellion that is just so common I can’t see it as radical: Straight married man begins an affair with a woman not his wife behind his wife’s back and, feeling guilty, confesses his dalliance and suggests with glee, “Let’s just have an open marriage so you can have fun, too!”

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Prayer for the French Republic

Patrick tells us of his grandparents – cousins – who miraculously survived as Jews in Paris through the entire war (cousins married all the time back then).  Irma (Nancy Robinette) and Adolphe (Daniel Oreskes) materialize before us steeped in love and grief eating rationed bread and butter in a strategically darkened room.  These performances are so beautifully rich.  Robinette gives us the silent endurance of a mother whose children and grandchildren were torn from her by Nazis and she has no idea what has happened to them.  Aware of her need to be soothed, Oreskes is the husband who paints with Harmon’s poetic words fantastical stories of where these families are and how they are heroically and cleverly surviving far away.  The tension between this couple with only each other for company is so realistic, I feel like I know them personally.

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Bill Charlap Trio at SMOKE

I love the playful style in “What is This Thing Called Love,” as all three musicians awakened us out of our January doldrums with their unexpected percussive opening.  It is sexy, as if each man is saying, Sit Down, Girl!!  Now, let me make love to you.  The beats soften and the sweetness washes over us.  Charlap leads an expansion of the melodies up and down the keyboard over and under like an intimate dance.  My date coos the lyrics softly into my ear.

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FRIDGID New York Closing Doors on Their Residency at The Kraine Theater

Gather ‘round, Children and let me tell you of a time when one could live in New York City, work part time, develop art, present it and sell it.  All this could happen while paying rent and utilities, living modestly and not going too hungry; only calling Mom or an uncle for help on rare occasions.  It was not the easiest life, but it was a happy, independent and gratifying life.

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