Author: Margret Echeverria

Safe Home

This would be a great series of books.  This show is still in development.  It could be a great play with just a little more development toward a gratifying resolution.

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Yes! Reflections of Molly Bloom

Molly is waiting for her Leopold to come home in the wee hours of the morning and she is reviewing her regrets over journeys of love and lust in which she may have taken a wrong turn or three.  There are few clues indicating if we are listening to her thoughts or rather she has invited us in for tea and is actually speaking directly to us.  The men she led and followed were expected to give her identity, purpose and, dare she hope for it, joy. 

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DOT: A Silent Comedy

Hope Salas is a machine in that her body’s strength, flexibility and stamina are a wonder.  But every bit of this machine is, in fact, a tender and vulnerable human body.  As I watched her move, my own body empathized, aching and sweating, tightening and releasing, while she killed me softly with her mortal instrument.  Her deep understanding of the human condition takes me beyond where Camus once abandoned me; she reminds us that there is joy and that there is, indeed, Hope. 

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The Bedwetter

If you’re a Sarah Silverman fan, you will notice that Glick’s body is electrified the same way as our beloved present day comedienne.  We can almost see her toes wiggle in her sneakers and her belly leap to her heart as she lands a punch line.  Her eyes shine with discovery of the utterly absurd world that surrounds her as her head bops forward like a mockingbird with no unnatural effort.  Oh . . . and Glick’s voice is perfectly cast as the girl who must have your attention right now.  She wins until the mean girls discover her weak bladder and Sarah is thrown out of the club house.

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Erich Bergen At Cafe Carlyle

JUST ONE MORE NIGHT! It is such a pleasure to experience a cabaret performer who offers up first-time banter, warm confidence, a voice with genuine range and a willingness to take the ultimate risk – requests from the audience – because you are his instant true friend, even if only for the night.  Erich Bergen is having a great time at The Cafe Carlyle and you should join the party.  It is so good to be back after Covid shut down the cafe; the servers smile and look you right in the eye as they pull out your chair and invite you to have a cocktail. 

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