Author: Kathleen Campion


So, should you go to see First Love?  There are a lot of ifs.  If you see a lot of theater and you want to see something odd and edgy, this might do it for you.  If you want a taste of downtown theater with a whiff of the bizarre, consider it.  If you want a rollicking good time in the theater, maybe not.  It is interesting  but not satisfying.

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As much as a third of the audience left at the interval.  That may be significant.  That such leave-taking put them out the door into a driving rainstorm and a dearth of cabs on E. 4th St. suggests it was meaningful.  I know I wanted to flee.

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The Metromaniacs relies on every theatrical conceit,  thespian cliché, and theater convention. No, I could not quite smell the grease paint, but almost. So unless some of that appeals to you, don’t go.  Otherwise, get a gang together and get over there.  It’s a short run.

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No one is more surprised than I!  Mean Girls—a big, noisy musical (not my thing), based on a hit teen movie (not my thing since…well, never), awash in stereotypes like the dumb girl, the hot boy, the powerful high-school clique, and the outsider desperate to belong—turns out to be one of those feel-good nights on Broadway when you unabashedly jump to your feet applauding because you’ve had such a good time. 

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