Author: Kathleen Campion

The Prom

At the end of the first act, and then again after the last curtain call, my guest and I turned to each other and blurted out: “So much fun!”  Short reviews have intrinsic value, and so I won’t be offended it you do not read on.  Just go to The Prom.  So much fun!

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The thematic thrust here is “binary is so last century!”  It’s not so much politically edgy as it is gently teasing, a crash course on LBGTQ+ sensibility, but all very safe.  This high-spirited production is for folks looking for a good time — a lot of pounding good music — young actors with powerhouse voices — and a director who knows his way around a farce.

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Kate wants to tell us the story of the great Coney Island fire of 1911 — about the noble black lion … about the mermaid who saved the Shetland ponies … about the innocent baby elephant who loyally waited in vain for redemption.  Kate is taken with the story but it is not her story.  It was whispered in her ear by the man who wants to make it his film.  She wants to whisper it in our ear.

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So, should you go to see First Love?  There are a lot of ifs.  If you see a lot of theater and you want to see something odd and edgy, this might do it for you.  If you want a taste of downtown theater with a whiff of the bizarre, consider it.  If you want a rollicking good time in the theater, maybe not.  It is interesting  but not satisfying.

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