Author: Casey Curtis

The Artificial Jungle

The delight of most Ludlam plays is to take the structure of classical text and add layers of parody, camp performance, and fun. The Artificial Jungle succeeds on all these levels.

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Amélie: A New Musical

The writers of the musical version of the charming French movie Amélie went forth to seek the promised land. But they did not heed the warnings of the prophets that it can be a challenging task to reinvent (rather than reproduce) a magical movie on the stage.

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The Outer Space

You should be so lucky as to be on a spaceship with Ethan Lipton. If you do take off into “The Outer Space”, now in residence at the Public Theater, the journey you will go on is a funny, insightful allegory of a couple who move away from the headaches and expense of a big city to the different headaches and challenges of relocating to a rural area for more affordable life.

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Judy Collins Defeats Trump

Vocally, Ms. Collins is still a unique presence — she enters soprano ranges without ever sounding operatic. Notes dance, lyrics are separated interestingly for meaning and effect. Vocal choices draw you into the music and keep you transfixed.

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Ana Gasteyer at Cafe Carlyle

Sitting in Cafe Carlyle, eating well, and sipping a drink is a quintessential New York experience from another era. Laughing with Ana Gasteyer and listening to her sing is — let’s do the time warp again — a modern pleasure. Putting those two together makes for a marvelous night in any year.

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