Author: Casey Curtis


Formerly titled, “Marlene,” the show has been retitled “Dietrich.”  It is a fascinating look into the life of movie legend Marlene Dietrich.

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Cindy Marinangel brings both an actor’s and an improviser’s sensibility to her portrayal. Indeed, she is a member of the Actors Studio and a Chicago Second City Conservatory graduate.  Dressed in a partially open silk robe with stockings and a garter belt, through Ms. Marinangel we feel Marlene’s sexuality and psychological foibles.

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Subways Are for Sleeping

The biggest reason to go see “Subways are for Sleeping” — and passengers, you should be so lucky as to be delayed by track work — is to listen to the song gems in this musical.

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Latin History for Morons

The historical lessons never become tedious because John is more enthusiastic and spirited than almost any professor you are likely to encounter in your studies, regaling us with hilarious anecdotes and occasionally slipping into mambos and sambas. 

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