Author: Ilaria Cutolo

Medea On Media

I was fortunate to have caught this over the weekend as it was a limited engagement at the NYU Skirball.  The SBT Company’s NYC debut brings us something experimental, fresh, and silly while exploring a heavy and timely topic. Who knew Medea could be so much fun?

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Between sequences that included lots of yarn, glitter, low-fi beats, and cool lighting, Gilligan weaved personal narratives, and the history behind his craft, revealing just how closely space and time connect to his much-loved art of juggling.

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From the Shadows

This movie takes place via a Zoom-like platform where the main characters interact, attempting to convince a paranormal debunker that they indeed have powers but are also innocent of their supposed crime. One by one, we witness the remaining cult members fall victim to a supernatural predator as he mysteriously visits them, turning this into a modern-day “FaceTime” version of a Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Mi Abuela, Queen of Nightmares

This is a magical story capturing the rebellion and essence of a young teenage girl coming of age and caught in the ‘in-between’: her struggles with a depressed and emotionally absent mother and a coming to terms with her deceased grandmother’s past (Abuela) who haunts her mind, spirit, and physical space. All the while re-living the ongoing sinister cycles of racism and sexism inherent in both her society and her familial dynamics.

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