Author: Ilaria Cutolo


A new play by Tim Mulligan, directed by Ken Wolf and presented by Manhattan Repertory is billed as an “immersive” production. It features haunted elements and tells the story of a non-traditional family consisting of two fathers, Van (Geoffrey Grady) and Jared (Dave Silberger), and their adopted black teenage daughter Ali (Mars Holscher) moving to a known nuclear waste site in eastern Washington.  Oh, and there’s a witch too.

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Nina Conti: The Dating Show

Conti is simply brilliant. While I hate to throw the word “genius” around, I can’t think of any other word to describe her. No one else does what she does, taking the art of ventriloquism to a whole new level.

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Aristotle Thinks Again

This production was raucous, loud, and anachronistic in both subject matter and performance. The question: “What is going on here” was top of my mind while being equally immersed in the tragic absurdity and dynamic power of the performance, uncomfortable yet still palatable.

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