Author: Holli Harms


In Karl Ove Knausgaard’s novel My Struggle Book 1, he begins with the conundrum of humans and death. On one side we love to hear about it, read about it, movies with killings tend to do best at the box office, but on the other side of the coin, the side of reality, we want to hide it, hide from it, keep it away, far away. It’s why plastic surgery is so prevalent. Keep looking young and death will be fooled.

In her directorial debut Celeste Moratti has touched on this very thing with “Hamlet”. The opposites of death. The life of death.

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Self. Identity. Who we are determines how we live our life, but what if your gender, or what you are told is your gender, does not in any way feel like your true self? What if you do not identify with the girl or the boy they say you are? How then do you navigate your world? How does the loneliness of feeling not “self” dictate your desires?

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That Physics Show

Did you know pickles are great conduits for electricity? Neither did I until I saw That Physics Show created and featuring Dave Maiullo at the Elektra Theatre on 43rd Street.

I took my 7 year old. “Force equals mass times acceleration.” My daughter came out of the show saying that and feeling rather proud.

It is tons of fun and ‘What the what” informative and you don’t need a 7 year old or 6th grader to enjoy it, but if you happen to know any take them along.

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