Author: Edward Kliszus

Fastened to the Moon

This is a psychological thriller where complex characters are sustained in an ever-changing dreamscape. It’s akin to being trapped in a Salvador Dali painting or episode of The Outer Limits or Twilight Zone.

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Black String at Chelsea Table & Stage

Black String performed a spectacular synthesis of energy-filled musical fusion. They are powered by an effective eclectic merger of traditional Korean instruments, electric guitar, amplification effects, and jazz and rock idioms. This aural fusion is enriched by transcendental vocal orisons and digitally created sonic tools by which the intellectually charged troupe produces astonishing sounds, ideas, and intent.

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Burbank – Walt Disney in Crisis

Burbank is a period piece set solidly in its time and place. While modern aesthetes frequently luxuriate in modernizing period works to conform with contemporary social thought and theory, author Cameron Darwin Bossert focused on 1941 and the benefits that eventually emerged and remained in Perpetuum. Preserving the period enabled the audience participant to immerse in the unfolding story fully.

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David Jackson at 54 Below

Words from Art Garfunkel’s song “Grateful” sums up the talented, humble, kind, gentle David Jackson who tonight ably connected music to times in his life. Jackson’s performance was universally nostalgic and honest with music from the heart.

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