Author: Edward Kliszus

Behind the Notes with Maestro Raffaele Livio Ponti, Punta Gorda, Florida

Remembering Paul McCartney’s gift for creating text and music, we were introduced to his composition Spiral, an impressionistic work of melody and dissonance with a string quartet and full orchestra. Spiral is an excellent example of what might be called “sound painting.” As this was a beautiful Florida day, I could not help but think of Frederic Delius’ delightful orchestral work Florida Suite (1887).

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Maestro Raffaele Livio Ponti and the Punta Gorda Symphony present the Carnegie Hall Link Up Program at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center

This sunny morning, I watched the Orchestra set themselves on stage dressed smartly in formal garb. As the children excitedly entered the theater, I reflected on the colossal efforts of the Punta Gorda Symphony, Maestro Ponti, the staff at each school, and Carnegie Hall in nurturing the next generation to appreciate and enjoy the performing arts that have enriched life and culture for centuries. Today’s event represents dedication at the highest order, clearly in line with Andrew Carnegie’s vision of giving back in gratitude for all he achieved in America.

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